Friday, November 20, 2009

And then they were 23 months

Twenty-three months old today. My babies are going to be two years old in one more month. Sometimes when I give them a big bear hug, I can't believe how big they are and how much of them there is to hug. They were so tiny when they were born. I had to be so gentle. There was no squeezing in a big bear hug with preemies. Now you can wrap your arms around them and they will wrap their arms around you and squeeze and squeeze. Sometimes when they are tired they will lay their heads on your shoulder and be still for a moment and everything in the entire world is just right at that moment.

Maddie drawing with markers.

Izzie was writing "letters" today. This morning, I was being silly and I asked her to spell "Momma". She started saying, "P, Q, S, U" and some other random letters. I was still impressed she knew what "spelling" was!

I bought the girls some winter hats & mittens at Target today. After dinner they tried them on. They are SO adorable! I just had to buy these while they are still young enough to get away with wearing ears on their head. They both loved them and were running around the house squealing with delight. (Maddie in above picture)



At 23 months:
Both girls are talking a lot. They are putting 2-3 words together, sometimes making short sentences up to 4 and 5 words. They still love signing but use it more as fun game more than a way to communicate now. Although I have noticed that sometimes if I revert back to sign when they are upset it gets their attention more than if I talk to them. They know all of the capital letters of the alphabet some of the lower case letters and can actually recognize some of the signed alphabet. Both girls can count to ten, although they both tend to skip the number 7. Izzie counted to 13 last night. Both girls are alike in so many ways. Their differences are really just nuances of their personalities. I am very aware that they are individuals and different people, but I think that their identical twin bond is a very special thing that makes them very similar. They always know where their sissy is at all times and they love each other so much.

Maddie loves to be independent. She tries do stuff that she just physically can't yet and will get frustrated. Most of the time she has to put her shoes on by herself. A couple of days ago she actually put her jacket on by herself and got very frustrated that she couldn't zip it. She is very loving. She will kiss the main character of a story on each and every page. If one of her dolls is dropped she says, "Oh no!" picks it up and gives it a hug and kiss. But then she can sometimes be a bully too. She pulls Izzie's hair and tends to push when she wants something. Maddie is very quiet and observant a lot of the times but when she smiles it lights up the entire room.

Izzie likes being taken care of more than Maddie. She likes it when you do stuff for her, but if she sees Maddie doing it by herself then Izzie will try and attempt it too. She loves reading, she loves words and letters. Lately when every she colors she tells you she is writing words or letters not pictures. Izzie is very vocal, she is always saying something, screeching something or making some sort of noise. She is a bundle of energy that cannot sit still. She also loves looking at pictures of people and pointing out who they are.


Ann said...

I love reading your blog! You really have a writing talent. It is so beautiful what you wrote about things being 'right'.

Groetjes! Ann from Belgium (expecting twin girls Jan 24th 2010)

Amanda said...

Thanks Ann! I hope your pregnancy is going well. You have so many fun adventures waiting for you!