Saturday, October 3, 2009

Zoo Day!

We had a wonderful day at the zoo. The weather was perfect. The girls loved it. They were so excited to see the animals that we've been talking about and signing about. (I bought Signing Times Zoo Train video a while back and they can sign every single animal on that video now.)

It took us a little over an hour and half to get to the zoo. We got there about 10 minutes before opening which gave the girls the opportunity to run around the plaza for a bit before they were strapped back down in their stroller. Luckily there were a lot of exhibits they could see from stroller height, but we did a lot of buckling and unbuckling to lift the girls in and out of the stroller to see animals. A couple favorites were: the kangaroos, fish exhibit and the rhino's. Disappointed we didn't see a big male lion with the full mane, since that is Izzie's favorite animal. We looked for the exhibit but somehow we missed it. Oh, they also liked the penguins, especially the one that swam right up to them!

We did ride the zoo choo-choo train, the girls thought it was pretty neat. They tie the concept of the zoo with the train because of that video so we wanted to make sure they got to ride it. Even as we were putting them to bed tonight they were talking about the zoo choo-choo.

We were hoping the girls would take a nap on the way home. They were getting super exhausted on our last leg of the zoo. But as soon as we hit the car they got a second wind. Of course by the time we got home at 2:15 they were zombies, so we put them upstairs for a nap. We decided to wake them up at 4:15 so that they would go to bed at 7. They were so tired tonight, that we put them to bed a bit early. I think Izzie is already sound asleep and Maddie is sort of whispering quietly almost asleep and it isn't even 7 yet. It was a busy, fun and exhausting morning!

I took as many good pictures as I could of the animals up close. I'm going to print them out and put them in a little photo book and give it to the girls. My mom did that for me for one of my first zoo trips and I still have that (now) tattered little book. For some reason I always treasured it!

Izzie and Maddie super excited to GO! We were waiting for the zoo to open.

They loved seeing the Kangaroos. Then we let them out of the stroller so they could hug and touch this statue of a kangaroo.

Maddie and Izzie seeing the Kangaroos.

Maddie and Momma on the train.

Maddie, Izzie and Daddy looking at some sort of thing we called a crocodile but really it started with a G. It had a really long skinny snout with a bulb on the end.

We did see this mountain lion, and the girls said ROAR, but we never found a big male lion with a big bushy mane.

Maddie, Izzie and Daddy looking at the pink flamingos. This was the first exhibit we came up to.

Izzie and Maddie looking in a coy pond. For some reason Maddie was telling them to "Sh!" Never did figure out that one.

Izzie, Momma and Maddie.

Izzie, Daddy and Maddie

Izzie and Maddie touching the Kangaroo statue.

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Allison said...

Looks like you went to the FW zoo...I hope you went into the bird cage thing. You can buy the bird feed stick and they come right up to you. Our kids loved it!