Monday, October 19, 2009

What a Windy Morning!

Well, back to our normally scheduled programing, OR vacation is over, Daddy is back at work and we do what we usually do. That includes going to the park. I was going to meet some moms at Firewheel park but because of this or that, things that can happen when dealing with young children happened and no one was able to go this morning. I decided to strike out and try a new park since Firewheel park is getting very boring (to me.)

I found a park nearby called Eureka Park. The name is more thrilling than the park itself. It was definitely designed for older kids. Park people need to realize that there are a lot of stay-at-home-mom's with young children who would appreciate a park designed for the young ones. I shouldn't complain because there are some out there, but a lot of them are way too "dangerous" for my (almost) two year olds. This park had a particularly scary element. It was a tube slide that was almost vertical. When you got to the bottom of the slide, you had to climb up the other part of the tube using little holes that were drilled in the tube. Basically if one of the girls had fallen down in the tube, I would have had to somehow gone in myself and carried them out since there was no way they can climb up that kind of thing yet. Thankfully that drop looked too scary for them and they avoided that tube!

Anyway, our plan was to play at the park for an hour or so and then have a picnic. We decided the park was too boring, there really wasn't much for them to do that was age appropriate, and it was WINDY. Like blow you over chilly kind of wind. We hung around as long as we could, oh about 12 minutes? And then hit the road. I took a long route home. We decided to play in our backyard a bit. The wind had either died down a bit or the fence and house acted as a wind break. Either way, it was much more pleasant playing in the backyard. And that is where we had our picnic. Maddie and Izzie really loved eating on their back porch. I've got to remember that and do it more often!

Izzie and Maddie



Maddie pushing Izzie on their new tricycle that I bought at a recent garage sale. (Notice Maddie has a scraped nose, she took a nose dive on the concrete near the park earlier while running.)

Yummy picnic! Izzie





MamaOtwins+1 said...

Back Porch Picnics are so much FUN! We bought one of those kids tables for outside at a garage sale and really got our money's worth - the boys love it!

Amanda said...

Yeah I've been keeping my eye out for one of those little tables. I think it will be even more perfect when I have playdates and such.

Twincerely,Olga said...

your girls are so cute! Great post!!