Saturday, October 10, 2009

Unpacking to repack

The past two days have just gone by in a blur. My suitcase is half packed but half unpacked. Yeah, I know sounds weird. We got back from Mema's house on Thursday and some things I just left in my suitcase knowing I'd need them again for our trip on Sunday.

We ended up not going to the PAMOM pumpkin patch this year, which I am disappointed but it was wet and cold and far away. We had to get Ripley over to my mother-in-laws house and we have a party to go to tonight. Since we leave early tomorrow morning I needed time to pack. There is still time in the month, hopefully we will make it to a pumpkin patch before Halloween... speaking of which, I need to finish up some costumes!

October is flying by WAY to quickly. SLOW down! I want to enjoy fall, but I feel like I'm rushing here and there getting nothing complete! Well off to pack some more.

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Jules said...

Hi Amanda! Thanks for our comment about our pics. Thankfully his uncle is an amateur photographer, so it didn't cost us anything. Have fun at the pumpkin patch for me!