Sunday, October 4, 2009

Some days are exhausting

No pictures of the girls today. Today was an utterly exhausting day. The girls woke up in a good mood. I distinctly remember hours and hours ago at the crack of dawn (okay... 7am?) Maddie waking up and wanting to "March-March-March down STAIRS!" in a super happy chipper voice. Izzie followed suit. I remember them eating breakfast. And then it was all down hill from there. What did I feed them? Nothing unusual... hum.

The girls had the crankies. Maddie especially. She made such an about face after breakfast. John and I were counting the hours to naptime hoping that their mood would improve after a very LONG, much needed nap. It didn't help that I was tired all morning and a bit cranky myself. Nothing seemed to interest them. I tried playdoh, colors, reading, toys. It was pouring down rain so outside (except brief moments on the front porch) were out.

Naptime was not LONG like I had hoped. It was just under 2 hours, but they did seem to be in a bit better spirits... for awhile. Then while I was trying to cook dinner and John was playing D&D with the guys the crankies returned. But this time they hit Izzie harder than Maddie. We played upstairs in my room for awhile before heading down for dinner. I'm just thankful that they went to sleep easily tonight. They wore me out with all the whining, crankiness.

Although, I would like to take a moment to remember the kisses and hugs I got throughout the day. Those somehow make all the rest just disappear. Well, until you look in the mirror and see how tired you look!


Jules said...

Ohh...I hope they sleep well, and wake up rested, and cheery.

MamaOtwins+1 said...

I hope today is going better! Somedays you just have to roll with the punches