Friday, October 2, 2009

Some days are action packed


Maddie going down the slide

Time for a lunch break. (Izzie and Maddie)

Walking along one of the bridges (Izzie, Maddie)

Maddie and Izzie... they liked it for about 20 seconds. Last year on October 1st at this same park, I put the girls in this SAME swing and did this photo. I had NO idea it was a year ago until I sat down to write this tonight and went looking for the photo!

PHOTO: Izzie and Maddie on October 1, 2008

Izzie and Maddie being silly outside.

They are so good at climbing their fort now.

Izzie driving to town.


This morning we hit the ground running and I haven't slowed down since. There was a PAMOM kids social scheduled at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. It has a nice playground and a bunch of the twin moms got together to visit. Well, sort of. The park is pretty big and so I spent more time chasing the girls and making sure they were in my line of sight than visiting! The weather was so perfect and they had a great time running around. We had another picnic and I actually did get to visit with some moms while we ate. I was super excited to see Sarah, my PAMOM buddy. Her boys are now 5 months old and looking terrific!

This afternoon, I squeezed in some shopping, we are always out of milk, bananas and diapers it seems. Then Nanna and Popo came over for a short visit before dinner. Popo made Maddie and Izzie a bean bag toss game. It's pretty cool. We are trying to teach the girls not to throw toys such as puzzle pieces and blocks. This will allow for some redirection. I can tell them, that they can't throw their blocks, but they can throw their bean bags at their game. We'll see if it works! Also while Nanna was here, I had to put Izzie in time out for jumping on the couch. She sat there in time out and then she asked Nanna to help her! It was so cute, my Mom almost burst out laughing and wanted to tell her grand-baby to come and she'd make it all better. Knowing I'd be more than a bit peeved, she told Izzie that she couldn't help her because she was in timeout for jumping on the couch. Way to go Nanna!

After dinner we went to run around in the backyard. They played in their cars for awhile and then they chased a frisbee for about 15 solid minutes. Sort of like a game of fetch. They are putting words together now and they kept saying, "Mommy Throw!" over and over. Also while playing they saw an airplane in the sky for the first time. Before when I tried showing them the sun would always be in their eyes. Today they were able to see it clearly and it was pretty exciting!

During bath tonight I tested the girls on their ABC's. They have a those foam letters that stick to the wall. They got almost every single letter correct (out of order!) They mixed up E & F and L & J. Not too shabby!

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