Monday, October 5, 2009

Playgroup: 9; almost-two-year-olds

Ford, Alison, Izzie and Maddie

Everyone in the playgroup (except me of course), Maddie is hiding behind Melanie

Maddie playing puzzles by herself. She just needed space for a bit.

Ah... lunchtime.

What a fun filled crazy morning! Our playgroup got together again this morning. It was a lot of fun, a lot of noise and a lot of mess! We had Jessica with her triplets Payson, Madison and Hayden. Melanie with her twins Sydney and Madison and Allison came with her twins Jake and Ford. Izzie and Maddie were okay at first, but then things got a bit overwhelming and a bit too close to lunch time. Izzie started crying and getting really clingy. Maddie found herself a (somewhat) quiet corner and did puzzles all by herself. After lunch they were a lot better.

The kids just took over and played hard. I think they all had a good time playing with toys that were new to them. John and I cleaned out the toy room last night and organized it. Then I locked Maddie and Izzie out of their toy room until the people arrived. I wanted the toys to be fun for them too. You should have seen Maddie and Izzie trying to get INTO their playroom when most mornings they ignore it completely! I had a great time visiting with everyone and can't wait until we get together again!

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No.1Memaw said...

Poor Maddie... she's being anti-social.