Thursday, October 29, 2009


I was excited to take the girls over to Madison and Sydney's house today for a playdate. They've been to my house once and they are both sweet girls. It was funny having two Maddies though! Every time either Melanie or myself would call out to the our Maddie the other one would either answer or look confused. It's hard explaining to a toddler that someone else can have their same name! I had a good time just visiting and enjoying the rain. Luckily it wasn't raining when I left the house, but while all the kids were playing it started coming down in buckets. Then just as it was time to go, it cleared up again. Just long enough to put the girls in the van. On the way home it started pouring buckets again. I had to get the girls out of the car one by one with the umbrella it was coming down so hard.

I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow for our annual PAMOM Multiples Parade! It is indoor at a mall, but if it is raining super hard getting the girls in the mall would be a problem. Anyway, we'll figure out that tomorrow.

Here is Madison and Sydney playing in their little house.

Maddie and Izzie found the ball pit right away. Talk about fun times!

Yesterday at the library the craft was coloring pumpkins. Izzie is concentrating hard on her pumpkin. Some kids came dressed up. Here is a little girl dressed as a sock monkey.

Maddie coloring her pumpkin.

Maddie and Izzie reading in a comfy chair at the library.

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