Friday, October 9, 2009

Mema and Pepaw's house

Rhonda Izzie, Me and Maddie playing Choo-Choo

Me, Maddie, Rhonda and Izzie playing Ring Around the Rosie.

Izzie and Maddie at Mema's

Mema, Izzie and Maddie reading a book

Izzie and Maddie eating an ice cream sandwich

Maddie and Izzie

Lisa and Kylee

Izzie and Maddie looking at Kylee

Lisa, Me and Kylee

Cute picture of Izzie

I haven't written anything since Monday because on Tuesday I kidnapped my Mom and we took the girls to visit my Mema and Pepaw for a couple of days. John was in Miami on a business conference and my cousin just had a baby so I figured it was a perfect time to skip town and do some visiting!

We left town about 9:30am on Tuesday morning which is dang impressive when you've got twins. John had already left town, so I had to pack and load all by myself. Now that the girls are older I only have to pack half of the house instead of all of the house, but still, there is a lot of STUFF that needs to go. The girls did pretty good on the trip and I had packed us a picnic lunch to eat at a halfway stop. We accidentally passed the rest stop so we ate at a McDonalds, using their play area. Mom bought us some drinks so she wouldn't feel too bad for using their facilities. I said that McDonald's should just be a national rest stop and not to worry about it. They had fun running around and were not ready to get back in the car!

We eventually made it to Mema and Pepaw's house and everyone was glad to stretch their legs a bit. We sat around visiting and the girls were showing off to Mema how many words they knew. I got ahold of Lisa and we decided to go visit her the same day. Maddie and Izzie did not want to leave Mema after the "short" visit and would not get in the car until we convinced them Mema was coming with us. I got to hold Kylee Elaine Palmisano who was only 4 days old. She was so precious and perfect! I got to give AJ, her big brother a few hugs too.

On Wednesday, our main plans were to just hang around and play. The weather was icky and super humid so we spent the day inside. I left to meet my college roommate Jamie for a quick lunch and then while the girls were napping, I slipped over to Lisa's house to visit Kylee again. Izzie apparently got woken up from her nap way too quickly and she was super upset. She kept crying and nothing was calming her down. We put in a Signing Times video for some distraction, which worked. The girls were excited to teach Mema their signs. It was super precious. That night when we tried to give them baths, Maddie and Izzie ran into each other full force in the hallway. They each bounced off each other and then into the walls of the hallway. Izzie got up laughing, but Maddie was seriously upset. She cried through her entire bath until it was time to go to bed.

Thursday morning was a blur of activity since we were trying to get home in time to visit with Rhonda who was coming in town. The ride home went pretty smooth and they even slept for a bit. Rhonda, Nanna and Popo came over to spend the evening with me and the girls and help put them to bed. Rhonda, Izzie, Maddie and I were playing games like Ring Around the Rosie and Choo-Choo Train. They kept asking for "Rosie! Rosie!" over and over.

Now I have to switch gears, because we are planning on a family vacation to San Antiono for a few days leaving Sunday. I've got to get us unpacked and repacked in time!

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