Friday, October 16, 2009

A lot of vacation pictures

Okay, I tried to get these to upload in order, but I failed.... so you will just have to go with the flow. And there are a lot of pictures, but I know some people who have been waiting all week for these photos, so I decided to give them a ton! For the text portion of our vacation, make sure to read the previous post!

This is at Sea World. Daddy, Maddie and Izzie are signing "Lobster" after seeing a really big one in one of the tanks.

This was the view from our balcony. It was really foggy for a lot of our stay.

I like taking pictures of the places we stay right when we arrive. This was the condo's kitchen.

The dining and living areas.

Master bedroom.


The girls room. This room could be partitioned off if the condo was super busy and booked separate as a efficiency. That's why it had its own kitchen. It felt weird having the girls pack n plays in front of the stove, but I pulled off all the knobs and they really couldn't reach them. This room had more space for the pack n plays that the master so that is why we put the girls in here.

This little table made me smile since it looks so much like our changing table. That's what we ended up using it for... I'm sure the next guests won't mind!

The girls checking out the balcony.

We stopped at Big Lots on the way to San Antonio and got the girls little dolls that they could brush their hair. Big hit! (This is Izzie, and for the record I tried giving Maddie the one with pink hair first, but she looked at it and said, "Izzie's!" I think I may have ruined the girls for life.)

Maddie and her doll.

Maddie looking like a teenager for goodness sake!

When we first got to the condo the Maddie and Izzie were THRILLED to be able to run, run run!

They wanted to take all three flights of stairs by themselves every single time we went up or down. It was a slow process.

Daddy, Izzie, Maddie and I watching the show at Sea World.

Daddy and Izzie.

Playing with rocks with Maddie and Izzie


Walrus show.

At the San Antonio Zoo... Izzie petting a goat.

Daddy and Izzie dancing, one day when we were hanging out at the condo on a rainy day. We got all dressed to go swimming in the indoor pool, but it was drained. We were very disappointed!

Izzie and Maddie "playing" race cars.

At the zoo... Daddy, Izzie and Maddie

Maddie and Izzie playing with animals that Mema gave them.

Izzie in pigtails!

Izzie and Maddie petting a goat.

Maddie got exhausted and fell asleep in the stroller.

My favorite picture! Izzie, Momma and Maddie.

Maddie, my friend Margaret, Izzie and me. The girls really took to Margo and would hardly even hold my hand!

Margo petting a goat with Maddie.

We found an elevator and had the girls walk their stuffed animals to the car the last day of our stay.

Here they are walking to the car.

We had a great time. It was a lot of learning on John and my part. Vacations are way different with kids. Last year we went to Tahoe but had so much family around that we had free babysitters. This year, it was all us. When the girls got cranky, our plans had to change and we stayed flexible so that we all had a good time.

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