Saturday, October 24, 2009

High Tea

I was invited to a High Tea party by my friend Melanie. She told me that before she had her twins she used to host them twice a year and now that her girls are a bit older she's ready to start having them again. What a terrific treat it was! It was so girly! The china and the pedifores and the tea sandwiches. The scones were delightful as was the cream to dip them in. The cucumber mint sandwich melted in your mouth along with the chicken rosemary one. Then there were the cheesecake and chocolate muffin pedifores. Everything was lovingly made by hand and it was all delicious. Of course the tea was terrific too! The company was fun, just a bunch of women who all like to talk. I feel very lucky indeed to have been included. It was an afternoon to remember.

Unfortunately I left my camera at Melanie's house. And I feel a bit naked without it. I took some wonderful pictures of her table setting before we all dove in, so I will post the pictures as soon as I get the camera back. In the mean time, I'm not sure how I will make it without my camera!

After my tea party and after the girls got up from nap, we headed over to John's Grandma's house (Nanny.) To visit and spend dinner with her. The girls were adorable- as soon as they saw Nanny, they gave her a huge hug and said "Nanny!" about a billion times over. They were very good, they played with some of the toys that Nanny keeps at her house and they sat in the big chairs to eat their dinner. Nanny let them eat a bit of apple pie on the little toy tea set, so the girls got to have a mini tea party all of their own! I did take some pictures with my phone but now I'm trying to get them off of the phone... working on it!

Grandma, Izzie and Maddie eating dinner. (photo taken with cell phone)

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Seren Dippity said...

I want to be introduced to your friend of the High Tea. That looks sooooo yummy. And pretty. And girlie. For food that lovely, I'd be willing to get all girlie, I would.