Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Part 3 -Trick or Treating

John with Thing 2 and Thing 1 (Izzie and Maddie)

Izzie and Maddie

I decided to throw on my chef whites and hat (and the wig from the night before) and go as a chef, it was easy enough and still fun!)

Waiting to go on our "Walk." Oh yeah... John and I totally scored this AWESOME picnic table the other day on a previous walk. Someone was throwing it away and it is in great condition! I'm so thrilled because I wanted a picnic table for the girls. I just need to sand it and re-stain it. Anyway... been meaning to brag on our find for a couple days now.

I've heard that a lot of kids get really scared to trick or treat. I was 100% sure that my girls would be one of those kids. They can be really shy with new people. It didn't happen. They were AWESOME. John and I headed out with the wagon while Nanna and Popo manned the front porch/candy supply. When we got to the first house we gave the girls their trick or treat bags that Grandma had bought them. I told the girls that if they went up to the house and knocked on the door with Momma and asked for "more treats" (a phrase they are more familiar with than Trick or Treat) that they would get treats put in their bags. They were ALL for that. They jumped out of the wagon faster than you can blink. Now when push came to shove they didn't actually ask for the treats, they stood there with big eyes... BUT they didn't run away crying and screaming either! (Now that I think about it, I'm not sure where they learned Treat either, except the other night at Grandma's when she gave them the Trick or Treat bags full of goodies.)

Then back in the wagon and on to the next house. I think we hit about 8 houses or so on our short route up and down the block. I was super impressed with them, especially considering it was getting past their bedtime. Halloween coincided nicely with the time change this year so we decided to try and keep them up hoping they will sleep in a bit in the morning. (We shall see...) anyway, we got back to our house and John pulled out some side walk chalk so they could draw under the porch light while we all visited and handed out more candy. My Unka D and Auntie R were in town so they stopped by to visit too. For some reason the girls were scared of Unka D, that with them being tired, started a crying bout. We put them to bed right at about 8pm and there was no arguments from them at all. They were wiped out! It was a great Halloween! (And it was MY first time to ever go Trick or Treating since I wasn't allowed to when I was a kid!)

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