Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Part 2

Last night John and I got dressed up to attend Mig and Becky's Halloween Party. An event I have been really looking forward to. The theme was Rock Band and everyone was supposed to dress up as a rock star or some musician. I decided to dress as Dolly Parton and I came up with the idea for Daddy to dress as a member of Blue Man Group.

We had a fun time getting ready. John slathered on the blue make-up which did not dry, it stayed wet all evening. He had to be careful not to scratch his face. I put on fake nails, fake eyelashes, a wig and a fake beauty mark. Everything else was real and we'll leave it at that! The party was a good time; John had fun playing Rock Band and I had fun dancing. Some of the other costumes: Penny as Courtney Love with her husband James as Kurt Cobain, Becky was dressed as Ozzy, Mig the diva dressed as Ginger Spice as a gag and then did a costume change into Slash.

Amanda and John as Dolly and Blue Man.

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