Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Part 1

A panoramic that I need to work on a bit. (Sorry Jessica, one of your piggies got cut in half!)

Thing 1 and Thing2 getting ready to go into the mall. They both did the wigs WONDERFULLY, but Maddie refused the red socks ontop of her shoes. I was going to just put the red socks on her with no shoes, but it didn't seem to happen.


The back of Thing 2 (Izzie)


Today was the Annual PAMOM Halloween Parade at Stonebrair Mall today. A bunch of the Moms of Multipes came out with their kids dressed up in their Halloween costumes. It was terrific. There were Super Triplets (Candace Hickey's kids), the Three Little Pigs were there (Jessica Melker's kids), Bumble Bees (Melanie Davis' twins), Little Sheep (Ashley Shaw's girls) and so many more including Thing 1 and Thing 2 my girls! I'm so excited how cute their costumes came out. Their wigs were a labor of love I tell you! I think I spent 10 hours on each one. Girls... you better appreciate this when you are older!! :)

After playing in the playarea of the mall for a bit, we paraded around the mall and then broke off for lunch. My mom came to help and join in on the festivities and it was a fun and busy morning. Much more to come!

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Betsy said...

The wigs are very cute!