Thursday, October 15, 2009

Family Vacation

We just got back from our family vacation to the San Antonio area. We stayed in a condo called the Hill Country Resort, which was actually about an hour away from San Antonio and about 30 minutes from New Braunsfels. The resort was super nice. We had a two bedroom, two bathroom condo with a large balcony and full kitchen. Well, actually two kitchens since one of the bedrooms could be portioned off as a separate unit in the busy season. We were on the third floor, which was interesting with twins. We had to make several trips up and down to unload the van and the girls were on an independent streak so they wanted to go up and down ALL three flights of stairs by themselves every single time, at a snails pace.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Before we got to the condo, we had a 6 hour car trip. We left at about 10:30 on Sunday morning. We told the girls they were going on a trip. Since we had just gotten back from a "trip" to Mema's house they sort of had a basic idea that a trip meant a long time in the car. They did not get that it meant THAT long! We stopped twice on the way to the condo. Once to eat lunch and once in a Big Lots to run around. Yes, I let my children run up and down the isles of a Big Lots. For one thing it was pouring down rain, so outdoor running was not happening and they were going stir crazy by this point. The other shoppers were giving me the looks you get when you have unruly children. Most of the time my girls are amazing to shop with, but they were a little silly/crazy in the Big Lots store this go around! The other shoppers were probably appalled that we were "rewarding" the girls by buying them a new doll each too! But they had fun with those dolls for the rest of the trip. They were $6 little dolls with a lot of hair that came with little brushes. Maddie and Izzie loved brushing their hair.

When we finally arrived at the condo and let the girls loose, they had so much fun, running from room to room. They just ran around like crazy and I started to get us settled in. Our plan was to visit a grocery store so we could have some meals at the condo. We did not realize how far in the country we were. The closest store was 20-30 minutes away and when you've been in the car for 6 hours that was a no-go. We went down the street to a little local Italian restaurant for dinner and then we hit the mini-mart at the gas station for some breakfast supplies. By the time we got back to the condo it was almost time for the girls to go to bed. Since they had no nap (they did not sleep on the 6 hour car drive!) they were ready for an early bedtime.

Monday morning we went to Sea World. Overall we had a good time, but it wasn't as good of a time as Sea World would like you to think it was. It was super expensive and not much park. I suppose if you like roller coasters it might be more interesting, but I do not like roller coasters and the girls were too short for them anyway. I thought Sea World had more attractions, but there wasn't that much to see and there was about 2 gift shops for each attraction. We did get to see some dolphins fairly close up and watching Shamu is always fun. Since Sea World was an hour and half away from the condo we were crossing our fingers for a nap on the way home. There was no such luck and the girls were cranky. We thought we were torturing them when we put them back in the car later that evening to drive over to the activity center. Our unit was too far to walk (across a major road) so we had to drive to get over to the main property. Once over there they had fun running in the grass and playing with a huge rock pile they had. It was another early bedtime.

We made the decision to postpone the zoo until Wednesday for two reasons. One was that the girls were way overtired and needed a "normal" day and two there was a 80% chance of thunderstorms. It did rain most of the day on Tuesday and we spent the majority of the day lounging around the condo, playing with playdoh and coloring. They got a short nap and I got some quiet time while John went to the activity center to browse the internet. Did I mention that there was NO internet in the condo?? I had limited access through my phone, but that was using a super slow connection. Somehow I survived the limited access though!

Wednesday we met my friend Margaret at the San Antonio Zoo. The girls were so shy for the first few minutes and then they warmed right up to Margo. At one point they wouldn't hold my hand, only Margo's!! The girls had fun looking at all the animals and they had a blast in the petting zoo where they got to pet and brush some goats. After the rain from the previous day, the zoo had a "wonderful" aroma. It was also 96% humidity and 94 degrees outside. We were super tired by the time it was time to go, not to mention drenched in sweat. Maddie was so tired she even took a short nap in the stroller something that has never happened before.

This morning we woke up bright and early at 7 am and were on the road by 7:58. Not sure how we accomplished that, but it was pretty efficient. With no rain on the drive home and only one stop we got home a lot quicker than it took to get there. The girls were very happy to be home and they played for a bit before I took them over to my Mom's house for the evening. We went out to dinner, because I did not feel like cooking this evening. They are now sound asleep and I've got a house full of suitcases and other "bags." Somehow I think all of that is going to be ignored this evening and I'm going to find a comfortable spot on the couch and catch up on the shows I missed while on vacation. Today is still technically my vacation day, right??

(sorry... I'm tired.... pictures tomorrow! I promise!!!)

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HST said...

Our introduction to Texas was in the summer time (July to be exact), when my husband interviewed for a job in Austin. I can tell you now, when he came back from his interview I told him :"Over my dead body are we going to move to this city!" I've never experienced such violent weather or heat in my life before and never since (despite living in the South for 10 years now).