Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A day in the life

We had no plans to go anywhere today. But I still wanted to make sure it was a fun day at home. The morning started off with a big bowl of oatmeal. The girls have come a long way in eating oatmeal that is for sure! Now days, a few wipes around the mouth and hands and they are pretty clean. It used to be a major projection and a half bath in the kitchen sink!

After bath Izzie and Maddie started playing ball. They learned this yesterday from their friends Lila and Zella. It is so awesome to have a twin sister to play things like ball with!

Then off to the toy room to play with blocks. I gave them a new set this morning. I know it's getting close to birthdays and Christmas but that is still 2 WHOLE months away, and I'm impatient. So, they got them this morning. This is Izzie telling Maddie what color she was holding.

Here is Maddie.

After blocks I decided some painting was in order. Instead of squirting it on the paper like I usually do, I decided to put some on a paper plate so they would have to transfer the paint using their brush and hands. Izzie wasn't quite sure what to do so she peaked over at Maddie to see what to do.

Maddie had it figured out quickly.

Then the real fun began. I gave each girl a puff ball and a feather and it became multi-media painting.

Maddie really got into the squishy paint this time around!

Maddie and Izzie just having a blast.

Their art hanging to dry in the windows. The feather, puff ball and plates stuck to the picture, true multi-media!

While I was cleaning the table, they decided to play puzzle. Both girls are into stacking things these days. (That's why I couldn't resist getting them more blocks!)

Then we went upstairs in my room to play for a bit and get dressed. While upstairs they found these towels and decided to wear them downstairs. (Izzie and Maddie)

After a lunch of broiled fish, broccoli and cheese and a whole grain bagel with hummus, we went outside to play. It was warmer than I thought but they wouldn't let me take their jackets off. Maddie and Izzie.

Now they are upstairs sleeping for nap. All of that was just before noon! We'll see what the afternoon has in store.

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E. Merritt said...

I loved this post and the pictures that went along with the events of the day. My triplets are 8 months now, so I can only imagine this is what life will be like a little over a year from now. Thanks for sharing.