Sunday, October 18, 2009

A bunch of random thoughts

John goes back to work tomorrow after being off all week. Which means I go back to work too. I love it when he is home because it gives me some "off" time too. Of course, being a parent you are never really "off" duty! But when he's around I don't have to change as many diapers or wipe as many sticky fingers and that is always a bonus. Plus I love watching him play with the girls. They love their daddy, that's for sure.

Even though Maddie has been going through a major Mommy-Mode lately. She's been super cuddly with me and wants to hold my hand all the time. While we were on vacation, she wanted me to hold her hand while she was sitting in the stroller while we walked through Sea World and the Zoo. (Well, that is when she wasn't holding Margo's hand!) I of course love all the love. Both girls have been huggy and kissy a bunch. They'll come running up and say "hug!" followed by a "kiss!" and then they run off to play. Another favorite is sitting in your lap, which Maddie pronounces "Blap" for some reason.

Today the weather was absolutely beautiful and I'm sad to say we did not take advantage of it at all. Somehow we spent the day indoors. We did have all the windows wide open and the breeze has been terrific. John's friends were supposed to come over for D&D today, but two ended up canceling so his friend John and Chris came over and they just talked D&D for two hours while the girls napped. While they were downstairs visiting I converted a pair of the girls summer shorts into a little skirt. That way they can wear it this winter with leggings. I'll post a picture later, but they came out so cute!

For dinner tonight I got adventurous and made an Indian side dish called Bhaji which was super tasty. It had so many spices in it that even I was afraid of the amounts, but it wasn't over powering at all. It's one of those dishes that I know I'll eat the leftovers of with enthusiasm. The recipe is over at The Frickin Chicken if you want to take a look at it.

Popo, Izzie and Maddie checking out the Tool Bench I bought for them at a neighborhood garage sale on Friday morning. Chris was teaching the girls how to use the hammer and pliers and the rest of the tools that came with the set.

The thing about blocks is you have to pick them up after playing with them. Most of the time this involves a time out or two, which makes me really not want to get out the blocks. Today was different. I started counting as they put the blocks in. Usually when I do this I start over every time I get to 10. This time I just kept counting and they started giggling. I do not know what was so funny, but the longer I counted the more they giggled. Right before I started filming around number 40 they were laughing so hard they couldn't sit up straight. By the time I got out the camera they were still giggling but had lost some steam. Needless to say we made it to about 62 and there were no timeouts! Enjoy the video!

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Scrappinmum said...

Amanda, they re so cute. Love the video. Magdalene got the giggles today talking into my long and narrow plastic tupperwear cup. Andy and i both stopped doing whatwe had been and just watched her. Wish we had thought to grab the video camera. :(
Counting to do blocks is a great thing. We do it to be sure we have them all.