Saturday, October 24, 2009

A bit of this and that

Yesterday felt more like a winter day than a fall day. I think it was because of the winds. Our plan was to meet Sarah and her twins Ethan and Lucas and Ashley with her twins, Lila and Zella and go for a walk around Sarah's neighborhood and stop by a park for the older twins. Well, the winds were more than we bargained for. As we were walking we decided to skip the park and cut the walk short.

Since the girls spent most of the morning either in their carseats or their stroller after lunch I made sure to spend some time outside in the backyard. The house and fence block a lot of the wind and it was actually very pleasant out there. Our yard is still a bit muddy from all the rain and both girls got their jeans dirty. Izzie got really upset and wanted to go inside. I finally convinced her that it was okay to get dirty when playing outside. We stayed out a bit longer and then Maddie had a diaper explosion. The mud may not have ended our outdoor play, but that sure did. Just as well because it was naptime by that point anyway.

After nap, we went over to Mom's house to play for a bit. The girls got out their pots and pans and cooked some "o-lees" (raviolis) out of some of their blocks.

Lila, Zella and Izzie.

Maddie and Izzie pushing their stroller.

Sarah with her boys Ethan and Lucas. Yep, they are in there somewhere under all those blankets!

Maddie wouldn't wear her hoodie. Izzie was holding hers down because of the wind!

Izzie in her car. It's the first thing they run to when we go outside.

Maddie in hers.

Izzie and Maddie cooking thier "o-lees" at Nanna's house.

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Steph said...

Looks like a windy but fun day. One of my girls won't wear her hood either, and one is more sensitive to getting dirty than the other as well!