Tuesday, October 20, 2009

22 Months

Yes, my little itty bitty barely 5lb babies are now 22 month old toddlers. I've even seen glimpses of that 'kid' stage, the one beyond toddler. It's in a look or a stance they give you. I love the toddler time. How everything is new and exciting. Just this morning while the sun was streaming in through a window Izzie caught sight of her shadow and said, "Whatisit?" I told her it was a shadow and then the three of us spent 5 minutes doing shadow dances.

Shortly after that, I was taking off their nightgowns to get them dressed for the day. They collectively decided that they wanted to do the "naked dance" and didn't feel like wearing clothes this morning. So, I'm letting them run around in their diapers for a bit. They always get super silly when all they have on is a diaper. I guess it is good for the soul.

Maddie has what I call "independent" days. Some days she wakes up and wants to do EVERYTHING by herself. Which wouldn't be a problem except that she physically isn't capable of doing everything just yet. Yesterday she wanted to put on her shoes by herself. This is actually something that both girls have done on occasion, but they can't do it every time (and who knows how long it takes to get the right shoe on the right foot!) Well, yesterday Maddie was getting very upset and I was trying to get us out the door. There was no way that she was going to let me help her. So I knew we were in for either a huge crying fit (I do it for her) or we spend an hour waiting for her to figure out how to put on her shoe. And for those people out there without toddlers, there was NO helping her. That was just as grievous as doing it for her! I had a brilliant inspiration. I asked her if Bunny could help her. Thank goodness that was acceptable! So we sat down on the floor and Bunny showed her how to put her shoe on and we were out the door. Parenting keeps your creativity flowing that is for sure!

I expect that one day soon they will wake up and start talking in full sentences. They are picking up new words left and right and their memory is astounding. They've show repeatedly that something you mention a day or two before that they will remember. Sometimes a couple of weeks will go by and they remember something. Like the last time we went to Grandma's for dinner. Izzie wouldn't eat her dinner because she remembered that at the previous visit they got cookies from Grandpa after dinner. She thought she'd just skip the dinner part and go straight to the cookie part. She was sorely disappointed when she didn't get a cookie that night!

I can't believe that John and I are already talking about birthday themes for their 2nd birthday. Didn't they just turn 1? How did a year go by that fast? Last year we had a Winnie-the-Pooh theme. This year there was discussions of Elmo, but now we are leaning towards My Little Pony. I'm not sure what you do at a 2 year old's birthday anyway. Still just family? I mean they have lots of little friends now, but they are still too young to understand what a birthday is. And the other kids sure would be upset when they didn't get presents because they don't understand what a birthday is either! Considering that their birthday is 5 days before Christmas it probably won't be much of an issue anyway. They are going to have a hard time getting people to come to their parties for their entire life. We'll just have to do our best to make it special!

Well anyway, I hear puzzle boards being chucked across the kitchen and that is never good.


Anonymous said...

how about having the two yr old birthday party without presents, just have lots of two yr old party food and games. Explain to parents ahead of time that there will NO gifts. Your family can do your own birthday gift exchange at another time. If parents insist of bringing gifts tell them thank you and the present will opened at a later date.
if you still want too maybe get a small trinket "gift" for each guest thanking them for coming.

MamaOtwins+1 said...

It all goes by so fast.

As for the shoes - I once took our twin toddlers shoeless to the store because it just wasn't happening. They screamed to the car, but once the music was jammin, they forgot they weren't wearing shoes.

Amanda said...

I like that idea about having just a party for the kids. Hubby and I talked about when they are a bit older having a half-birthday party in June that they could invite friends to and just leave their real party for family.

MamaOtwins... glad I'm not the only one with shoe issues!