Saturday, September 12, 2009

When the crazies hit

All week our plans were to go to the zoo today. I'm so excited to take the girls to the zoo. We went last fall, and they had fun, but they didn't really get it. Now they know all about elephants, monkeys, camels, seals and many other zoo animals. They know all the signs for them too, thanks to the Baby Signing Times video. Well for the second half of this past week we've been watching the forecast and the rain. Today the forecast said 100% chance of rain, and it wasn't lying. It's been a nice rainy day, but not a zoo day.

The girls were sort of fussy this morning, mostly Izzie. Then Izzie had a HUGE crying fit. We couldn't get her calmed down for nothing. John was terrific. He was full of patience for Izzie this morning. He walked with her, cuddled her, talked with her, etc. I wasn't in the mood to try and figure out what was going on with Izzie. I tried cuddling her, but she didn't even want that. As a matter of fact, I guess she could tell that I wasn't in the mood for the fit, because she ran over to Daddy to have him hug her. That was a first, they usually always want Mommy. We checked her diaper, checked her temperature and then checked her gums. No wonder she was crying. Her gums were swollen to three times their normal size and poofy. I can feel several teeth just trying to break through. We gave her some Tylenol and orajel, and when that had time to work she was a much happier camper.

They did go down for nap a bit early today, I think this rain has everyone in the house a bit sleepy. We are enjoying watching it through our new storm door that Cody and Tom installed. Our door has been open constantly since we got it. I love it! John is currently asleep on the couch. I did some cleaning and blog decorating this morning and now, I think I may curl up and read a book until naptime is over.

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