Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Story time at Smith Library

Maddie at the Library working on a puzzle.




Our third story time in a row. I like the consistency of having something to do each Wed. morning. I think it gives the girls the appropriate amount of structure for their age. I plan on putting them in a toddler music class in the next "semester" and this is perfect practice for that. I almost want to take the girls to the older story time. This one the kids are a bit rambunctious and I think Maddie and Izzie would be able to focus a bit more if more of the kids were still. I do like the 10 am time slot though! I was excited that Ashley brought Lila and Zella this morning. Another lady had twin girls too, so there were 3 sets of twins in story time this morning! We got there early to secure a parking spot so we went in the kid section before heading into story time. Maddie made herself right at home by picking up a puzzle, laying on the floor and going to town. Izzie went to the bucket of board books, but only because the computer had kids at it already. As much as she loves reading, I think her love of books is eclipsed by the excitement of the computer. I taught her the words, "Computer, Mouse and Keyboard" this morning. When we left the library she kept going on about her "mouse." That was another facinating thing today. In the car on the way home, we practically had a conversation. They were talking about the leaves (in the story that Ms. Dee read) the apple (the craft that they did today) the mouse (on the computer) and other things that happened such as seeing Lila and Zella (or Lila and Lella). It was amazing to hear them recount their morning in words and syllables. We aren't exactly to sentences yet, but they got their point across. They are growing so fast!

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