Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Some days are wonderful

Izzie going down for a nap.

Maddie about to take her nap.

Izzie helping out with some light cleaning! :)

Maddie playing at the little kitchen Nanna bought her months and months ago.

This has been a really good day so far. The girls slept in until 8:20, which hasn't happened in months and months. It was nice having a quiet morning, because of course I didn't sleep in, I was up a little after 6am. They really need to give me a memo on the days we are planning on sleeping in. They ignore my memos to that effect!

Anyway, breakfast was a breeze. I gave them cottage cheese mixed with diced pears and drizzle of honey, with cheerios on the side. It is one of their favorites and since they are becoming "masters" at the spoon, cleanup wasn't as bad as usual. After breakfast they dutifully put their plates and bowls in the sink and their milks in the fridge.

Since we were planning on going to the library an hour after or so after breakfast I wanted to fix their hair. After putting in their "bows" (what they call ponytails) Maddie asked for her first Manicure. Yeah, Daddy... read that! She actually said, "Hand, Hand!" and it took me a minute to decipher that she wanted her nails clipped. I'm amazed I figured it out because she's never asked for that before! Then I asked the girls if they wanted me to read them a book and they said no and went to play in their toy room by themselves. They played until it was time to go to the library.

On the way to the library (which Izzie calls "computer" since she gets to play on the computer at the library) I told her that she couldn't play on the computer until AFTER story time. We only arrive a few minutes early and I didn't want to try and wrench her away from the computer to go to story time. Both girls walked in like they owned the place, went straight for the bucket of board books and started reading. Izzie looked longingly at the computer but she didn't touch it. My fellow twin Moms Ashley and Stephanie were there which was fun. We visited for a minute or two and then it was time for story time.

The girls have now gotten comfortable and so they weren't clinging to me sitting quietly in my lap this go around. They were all over the room. Ms. Dea even had to tell Izzie to sit down. She did sit down and then she got up and put herself in time out! (Of course, Maddie followed her.) After the art project which was another paper and glue craft, I told the girls it was time to go pick out books to take home. Izzie looks up at me and says, "computer??!" and practically ran for the door. I told her to wait for Momma and Sissy. She asked for my hand and practically dragged us out of the room. A quick bye to Ms. Dea and Phoebe the Frog and we were in the main library. Izzie RAN to the computer and sat there playing with the keyboard and mouse for the remainder of our stay. (Maddie was right there with her!)

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