Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rocks and Bottles

I needed to make a "quick" run to Target this morning for the usual... diapers, milk and mouse traps. Yes a mouse trap! Seems like I have a furry friend that is taking up residence in MY art room. She left me a lot of little itty bitty presents too and possibly even made a nest in some of my fabric scraps. Mice are cute, but I don't want one living with me.

Anyway, on the way to the new Target is the awesome park, called Pirates Cove. Actually the sign says Founders Park, but no one calls it that. Talk about confusing the first time I tried to meet some friends there. The girls like this park because of the swings. So, I decided we'd stop and play for 15-20 minutes before shopping at Target. We never made it out of the parking lot. They had so much fun playing with the gravel as I was getting them out of the car that I just went with it. They played for about 20 minutes before we started melting and then we loaded up and went to the store. I thought that was pretty funny. I think I need to make a run to Home Depot and buy a bulk bag of rocks to put in a bin outside. Of course, if the rocks made it in the grass, John would NOT be happy with me when it was time to mow the lawn, so I'll have to think on that one a bit...

At Target I bought the girls each a $5 Elmo who they didn't want to part with at the check out lane. Luckily the lady scanned it with the gun and so Elmo didn't have to leave their hands. But at lunch time Elmo had to stay out of arms reach. As soon as lunch was over they both ran over to their Elmos and gave them hugs like they'd been separated for hours and hours. I also bought them some toy bottles. These are cool because the milk "disappears" when you turn them upside down. Maddie and Izzie were very impressed.

Izzie and Maddie playing in the parking lot. Again, at least it wasn't the Wal-mart parking lot!

Izzie feeding Elmo a juice sippy that has the disapearing liquid.

Maddie giving Elmo a bottle.

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