Sunday, September 13, 2009

QOTW: Happy Grandparents Day!

This weeks question of the week from Multiples and More Blog is: Describe one quality of each of your childrens' grandparents that you hope will be passed on to, or possessed by your children someday.

My girls are so lucky to live so close to their immediate grandparents. Even one of their great-grandma's lives near by and my Mema and Pepaw (their other set of great-grandparents) only live a few hours away.

My Mom:
The girls call her Nanna. She's the kind of person who is so good at listening. Believe me, you can ask my sister or myself, we've talked her ear off a time or two. Not only is she great at listening, but she knows JUST what to say to either make you feel better or solve your problem. I hope the girls get her intuition on reading people's emotions and her listening skills. Also her love of reading and gardening.
Chris: Chris is my Mom's fiance and the girls Popo. And what a great Popo he is! When I tell the girls we are going to Nanna's house the first thing they say is, "POPO!" He has infinite patience with them (even if he can't change a diaper!) From Chris I hope they get his love for figuring things out, building and infinite patience.

My Mother-in-Law: The girls call her Grandma (or they will once they figure out how.) She is such a strong woman figure. She really knows the meaning of family and works harder than anyone I know to keep our extended family running smoothly. She's great at organization and planning parties. She's the one you turn to if you need to know how to get something accomplished. I hope the girls get her drive and ambition, her lack of fear in the unknown and of course her super sense of what family means.
My Father-in-law: The girls call him Papa right now but we are working on Grandpa. What I admire most about him is how super organized he is. I dream of being as organized as him one day! His other attribute that I love and admire is the fact that he will never meet a stranger. Everyone is a friend, sometimes even being included in the family fold! I hope the girls get these wonderful qualities!

My Mema: The girls call her Mema. She is one of my favorite people of all times. She is in every single one of my most favorite childhood memories. She just makes life fun. She also likes to stir up trouble but does it on the sly. I hope the girls get her never ending energy and her do-it-yourself attitude!
My Pepaw: The rock of our family. Another do-it-yourself'er. His strength and perseverance are to be admired. He knows how to fix ANYTHING. And if he doesn't then he'll find out that's for sure! I hope the girls get his independence and will that they can solve anything in life.

John's Grandma: The girls call her Nanny. She is so loving. She always has a little token to give or bite to eat for you. Another independent strong woman in our family. She also has never met a stranger and is comfortable in any environment. I hope the girls get her tenaciousness for life and her fun and loving ways.
John's Grandpa: He is no longer with us, and I didn't get to know him for a long time, but he was a very sweet and gentle man. He had so many wonderful stories to tell. I wish the girls got to meet him, but I know they will know him through photos and stories that John has shared with me. I hope they get his gentleness and his warm smile.

My Grandma Bettie: The girls have only gotten to meet her a few times, but I hope they get her creativity. She is a great seamstress and taught herself everything she knows about sewing. She can look at something and turn it into something else intuitively. I think I got a lot of my creativity from her and I hope the girls get it too.
My Grandpa Jimmy: I hope the girls get his silliness. I remember as a kid that Grandpa Jimmy could make me laugh and laugh and laugh. He made everything an adventure.

My Dad: The girls have only met him once. There is a lot he missed out on of my life, but I think he's realized that now. I hope the girls learn from his mistakes and realize that family is everything in this world. I know he loves me and them but it took many years for him to learn to say it and show it. He is also a creative person in a different sort of way. He has a instinctive knowledge of 3-dimensional space. He's a carpenter and is probably one of the reasons why I went to school to be an architect.

Writing all of this has really been awesome. It has allowed me to take a moment to really appreciate some of the people in my life. The people mentioned here are the grandparents and great-grandparents in my girls life, but we also have so many aunts, uncles and cousins in our daily lives too. I cherish my family and I know the girls will one day too.


Twincerely,Olga said...

Beautifully written!! Thanks for sharing! Sounds like you have a great family!

Grandma said...

You really touched us all with your thoughts. We hope we can live up to all of it. We are the ones blessed with such a wonderful family. We miss you all..everyone here in Tahoe does too! Kiss my girls.