Monday, September 14, 2009


A shot with everyone. Haydon, Jake, Payson, Izzie, Maddie, Madison and Ford.

We attempted the couch photo: Madison, Hadyon, Payson, Izzie, Maddie, Ford & Jake.

Take two: Madison, Hadyon, Payson, Izzie, Maddie, Ford & Jake.

Payson was feeding Izzie and then here he is feeding Maddie, who was all, "I can do it myself!" Too cute!

Today was the first get together of our Official Unofficial PAMOM playgroup. PAMOM has a playgroup organizer, who I am sure does a terrific job, but a few of us Mom's were visiting at one of the meetings and since all of our kids are close in age, we decided to form a playgroup. Today, Allison and I went to Jessica's house. Melanie ended up having a sick kid this morning and Casey needs it to be on a different day, but we'll work out the kinks! Today we had 7 kids, but if Casey can join us with her quads and Melanie makes it with her twins we'll have 13 kids at about age 2 playing together! What fun!

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Allison said...

Aww wish I could come, that would be fun! :)