Friday, September 18, 2009

Playdate at Ashley's

Mason, Izzie, Maddie, Zella, Lila and Dax eating lunch.

Zella, Lila, Dax, Mason, Izzie and Maddie.

Izzie loves this horse, and of course she found a book to read on him. I need to do a collage of all the places Izzie reads books.

Before the boys arrived we did a bit of coloring. Around the table starting with Izzie in pink, Maddie, Zella and Lila.

Maddie and Izzie love their friends ball pit. I think it was a great idea and a good way to use a pack n play!

I took Maddie and Izzie over to Ashley's house this morning to play with her identical girls Zella and Lila. I've been to her house several times now, you think I would know how to get there, it really isn't that hard. But somehow I manage to get lost every time. I think I finally figured it out this go around. I almost ended up at my friend Casey's house before I realized I had taken a wrong turn!

The girls are doing so good at playdates. They just jump right in and start playing. They like to check in with me with a quick hug now and then, but otherwise they are all about the new toys at someone else's house. Luisa was there with her identical twin boys Mason and Dax and her 3 month old Alex. Luisa said when kids play near each other but not with each other it is called parallel play. And for the most part that's what everyone was doing. They were all in their own little worlds until one had a toy another one wanted!

Lunch was the best. Ashley brought out a fisher price table and we squeezed all the kids around it. All six fit, but soon that table will only hold 4. But they didn't seem to mind that they were squished together. We did the food like a horse trough! We just put a bunch of pieces of sandwiches, peanut butter balls, cheese, cheddar puffs and bananas on the table and they all grabbed what they wanted. We kept throwing down food until everyone seemed full and ready to play again. There was no fighting or food stealing or anything. It was great!

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Jules said...

Crazy!! I was just reading the beginning of your blog!! I cannot believe that you were on bed rest as long as you were. That would have killed a lesser woman. Also the twins are so lovely that you never would have imagined you had any issues with the pregnancy. I am so happy for you that your family is so healthy.