Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A pay it forward kind of Thank You.

This thank you will probably never reach the woman who it is intended for, since I sincerely doubt she is one of my 40 followers (Yay! I'm up to 40 now!) Anyway, so this thank you is for her, but also to all the other people who have taken a moment out of their busy day to help someone who needs an extra minute of help.

I decided in a split second (that's they way I roll) to take the girls to Walmart this morning. Did I look to check the weather before I told the girls we were going "Shopping!" no... I did not. So, I gather them up and we try to stay dry while getting in the car. It was only sprinkling, and us tough girls, we won't melt! We get to Walmart and got a decent parking spot (it was raining after-all, the sane moms were in their houses.) And we rush up to the door to get out of the rain as quickly as possible. On the side of the building (in the rain) is an entire row of the special carts for kids. The big hunkin' huge busses moms with little children get to try and maneuver around the store. I walk in thinking and hoping there is a dry one of these carts inside.

"Hello and Welcome to Walmart" says the greeter. I say a quick hello back and tell him I need one of the kid carts. I'm holding a sort-of-wet girl on each side of me at this point. He says, "I'm sorry, I can't help you." I tell him that the carts are around the corner and can he please get one for me. He informed me he couldn't leave his post. I literally told him that was absolutely ridiculous. I was supposed to take my girls back outside in the rain to the cart and load them in the cart outside IN THE RAIN? Cause I can't push a cart and hold on to two girls at the same time. What, if he left his post, was he going to miss saying, "Hello and welcome to Walmart" to someone??

At this point I was just about to walk my (slightly wet) girls over to the manager when the reason of my Thank You came through the door. She took one look at me and asked if she could help. I should have said no, thank you for the offer and went and got the manager so that the next hapless person who brings twins to Walmart in the rain wouldn't run into the same problem as I did, but 2 things stopped me. 1. What other hapless woman would be silly enough to bring twins to Walmart in the rain? and 2. I seriously doubt complaining to the manager at Walmart would have fixed MY problem, much less the next persons problem.

So I turned to this amazing woman and said, "Yes, I would appreciate help VERY much." She went (in the rain) and got me a cart, then she went and got paper towels and helped me dry the cart off. I could have kissed her. She said that her two oldest children who are now grown were 15 months apart and she understood. So thank you, understanding woman, whose name I did not get. Thank you for taking 2 minutes out of your busy day to help me when the guy who is getting paid to say Hello! had no solution.

And thank you to everyone who takes a moment to help, especially when the cost is so minimal, the payment is so huge!


Misty said...

OH. HOW I feel your pain! i so hate walmart for that kinda thing! Isn't the kindness of strangers AMAZING! So glad an angel visited ya'll today :)

Sheila said...

Amanda, I think we have all been there!
I go in the "Garden Center" door because the old man and lady there will help me with a 4 year old and a 20 month old. They have been the best I've ever seen. Will dry a cart for me and hold James hand while I get Magdalene in the seat or holdher while I get him in the basket part.
I hope that rude employee needs help one day and someone is kind enough to help them and he thinks how meanhe was to you adn the girls today!