Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Lake

I have a ton of photos that Mom and John took but I need to sort through them. Here's one though... Here I am with Izzie, Maddie in my lap and Popo.

Today was an awesome day. I got to go swimming in a lake. I'm crazy, I know. A lot of people out there hate swimming in lakes, but I've always loved it. I like it better than the ocean because I don't like salt water that much. Anyway, a friend of mine, Polly, told me about a nice part of Lavon Lake that has a small beach and swim area along with picnic tables. For those interested it is Mallard Park on Lake Lavon.

I somehow convinced John, my Mom and Chris to go with me and the girls. I think everyone had a good time, but Maddie, Izzie and I, WE had a blast. Maddie walked up to the edge of the water and was like, "WOW." This was the biggest amount of water they have seen at once. I told her she could walk into it because she wasn't sure. Izzie didn't even pause, she walked in and I think she would have just kept on going. Chris took her to the "deep" part (up to her chest) several times and she had fun doing that. They both liked splashing and they both liked scooping up the mud, although Maddie didn't like the mud on her hands as much. They thought it was funny to put mud on my legs though.

At one point John asked Izzie if she was all done since it looked like she was headed back up to the shore, she said, "NO!" and turned around on a dime and headed back to the water. It was so cute and showed how much fun they were having. We played for a bit more but then we all got hungry so we went up to the picnic table to have lunch. I'm not sure why park tables are so high but there was no way the girls could sit at it. Which was fine since we brought blankets. They sat on the blanket and the grown-ups were lazy and sat at the table. Well, Nanna did sit with the girls for a bit to get them situated. After lunch we headed back out to the water to play for a little bit longer, but it was getting a bit hotter out so we didn't stay too long.

I thought the girls would be exhausted from playing in the water and sun all morning but they actually took a pretty short nap. They are pretty whiney this afternoon which goes to show they are tired, I bet they go down hard this evening!

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Lani said...

Looks like a fun day! Your girls are braver than m kids- they freaked out the first time the saw open water!