Monday, September 28, 2009

I love having girls

Maddie and Izzie eating their picnic.

The best shot of their outfit.... most of my park photos didn't come out. This is Maddie.

I know, I know! Some of you Moms who have a boy or all boys are not going to like me. But I LOVE having girls. I'm not sure I'd know what to do with a boy. Sometimes I look at other mom's little boys like they are aliens. They really are that different. They talk about different things like transformers and star wars and other boy things. (Now, I'm not saying girls can't talk about these things, but most little girls I know talk about babies, and ponies and princesses.) My Mom is cringing right now because she believes in gender neutral. I believe in gender equality, but I honestly believe that the stereotypes hold... girls and boys like different things, generally... not exclusively!

I remember when I got pregnant I was so scared I was going to have a boy. Then the doctor told us we were having twins and that they would be identical, but he couldn't tell the sex yet. I knew I was either getting two girls or two boys. I had to go about 9 weeks before I found out that they were girls. During that time I psyched myself up for having boys. I tried to get super excited about boy stuff and came up with some great boy names. For those that are curious our boy names were Andrew Nicholas and Cameron James. We were going to call them Andy and CJ. I finally got excited enough that when we found out we were having girls, there was a short moment that I was sad I wasn't going to have my big ole' momma's boys.

But back to my girls. One of the perks of girls is the clothing. It is just so much fun to buy girly clothes. Everytime the girls are in a new size, I get sad to put up their old clothes but super excited as it gives me an excuse to go buy new clothes for them. Yesterday I went to Kohls to start buying some clothes for fall. They are out of their 18 mo (thank goodness they lasted the summer!!) and now are into 2T, although some of the 2T's even seem too small. Anyway, I bought them super adorable dresses, a pair of khaki pants with a kitty cat t-shirt and 2 hoodies for the days it's a bit cool outside. Good thing John gave me a budget because I filled my cart and emptied it about 10 times trying to decide what outfits to get to start off their fall wardrobe. I've already been to Kid-to-Kid (used clothing store) for a couple pairs of jeans and some pajamas with footsies in them.

This morning we went to the park and the girls got to wear their new dresses. They are still at the age that they really don't care what they are wearing (yay for me!) and they looked SO adorable in these dresses. I just love pink and brown together. I forgot to buy shoes, so they still had on their white summer sandals, I need to add shoes to the list pronto! I'm trying to decide between brown and black for the winter, but I think they will have to have one pair of each. They had a great time at the park and so did I. The weather was absolutely perfect. It was sunny, but windy and cool. I ran into some Mommy friends so I got to visit while they were running around playing. At one point Izzie lost sight of Maddie and she started saying and signing "sister." When she found her she ran across the entire park and gave her a big hug and kiss, it was one of those "awwwwwwe!" moments!

After playing for an hour we had a picnic. Well, actually we went on a hunt for a "potty" for me. As an adult I am tired of hearing myself call it a potty but once you start it's hard to switch back to restroom or ladies room. I'm so glad Maddie and Izzie are good at walking and holding my hand because we went to three stores before we found a restroom that was unlocked! (Note to the mall people... put a restroom near the play area for crying out loud!!!!) Anyway, we then went to have our picnic, I have a nifty blanket that zips up into a bag and we were going to eat on the grass, but with all the rain it was still mushy. We ate on the patio area near the big fountain. The girls really liked it and enjoyed watching the water fountain. Although Izzie was not fond of the water spraying her when the breeze blew up. All in all it was an awesome morning!


Steph said...

Their outfits are SO CUTE! Love the colors, the prints, the leggings! And yeah, I love having girls too. :o)

Amanda said...

Thank you Steph!

Allison said...

I love having a girl too! She is so different than the boys and I love doing her hair and buying her clothes! But my boys are so fun too and are hilarious. I can't wait to see them playing sports and getting their 1st crush on a girl. And there is nothing like a boy lovin' on his Momma! :)

Amanda said...

Allison- Yeah that is the one thing I miss about a boy. I'd have to have raised me some Momma's boys. :)