Monday, September 7, 2009

How to install a screen door

Cody and Grandpa installing my new door.

John, Cody and Grandpa.

Installing a screen or storm door is very simple. It requires only two big steps.
Step One: Go buy a door, but remember to measure your front door first. Otherwise your trip to Home Depot with the twins is wasted a trip.
Step Two: Call your Father-in-Law and Brother-in-Law and schedule a date for installation!

It really is that easy. We've been wanting to put a storm door on for the past two years, but kept putting off because of cost and intimidation factor. It sounded hard to put up. Thanks A MILLION you guys for coming over and installing our door. I know I'm going to love the extra light it brings in!


Amy said...

I love your second step. It gave me a good laugh. Josh and I have a storm door waiting for us over at my parents' house. They're giving us their old one. Now I'm just waiting on my dad to come install it at my house. :)

storm said...

storm door installation is simple but common mistakes occur are when you are cutting vertical mounting frames and drilling holes to fit hardware on a wood-core storm door. So be precise.