Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Nanna!

What a fun filled busy Saturday! The morning started off as a bit of relief because the girls actually woke up in a good mood. The past few days could be described as "challenging" with both of the girls. They've always gone through fluctuations like this. Where they will be so good for days or weeks on end and then they will go a couple of weeks as little devils. Okay, not that bad, but still! It's just them being toddlers. They are testing their boundries. Trying to see if it is STILL not okay to jump on the couch or pull off all the books off the bookcase or whatever the no-no of the moment is. I just have to reassure them over and over (with time-outs and 'no-touches' that these things were not okay yesterday and they still aren't okay today to do! Perhaps this morning was a turning point because Izzie and Maddie both were giggling and playing very well.

I decided to do a spontaneous simple art project. I have a huge spool of blue yarn (I'm working on making two blue wigs for Halloween costumes) so I drew a big letter B for Blue on some cardstock. I armed the girls with glue sticks and tried to get them to glue bits of blue yarn on their B's. They were very fascinated with the glue sticks. In the future I'll use the nifty colored glue sticks. The ones that go down pink or blue and then dry clear. They had a hard time understanding that the glue was going on the paper. Either way, they did have fun talking about their big B's!

Maddie and Izzie gluing blue yarn on their B's.

The B's.


Then later in the morning we took the girls to the park to play for a bit. They are really into swinging, but Daddy convinced them to go down the slide a time or two.

Daddy and Izzie

Daddy and Maddie

After naptime we went over to my Mom's house to celebrate her birthday. Chris grilled steak and corn on the cob. We ate outside on the deck and had a blanket for the girls to eat on. They ate for a bit and then they started running around in the grass. They were having the absolute time of their lives. A bit of that 'testing the boundaries' showed back up in the girls. Mom's big yard doesn't have a fence and we were having trouble keeping them close by. Chris had just mowed the lawn and there was a bunch of "hay" all around in the yard. They thought it was hilarious to throw it up in the air and watch it fall back down. They did this for a long time. Then they both ran off toward the "forest" at the back of Mom's property and would not come to me when called. So, playtime was over and we had to go inside.

Video: of them playing in the grass.

Maddie and Izzie tossing grass in this empty flowerbed.

The girls were covered in dry, itchy grass and so we decided to give them a bath in Nanna's big tub. This was just as fun as playing in the grass to them. This tub is awesome, it's as deep as they are tall (while sitting.)

Izzie and Maddie taking a bath in my Mom's tub.

Happy Birthday Nanna! What a fun way to end the evening! :)

Right before we left, Maddie fell off the piano bench backwards onto her head. She took a while to calm down and has a slight bump, but we are keeping a watch on her and she seems fine.

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Sheila said...

Way too cute of a craft you had the girls do. Love the shirtless pics. My mom took tons of them of me as a little one. Hoe your mom had a great birthday.