Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First bike ride of the season

Izzie and Maddie in their trailer. It's got a mesh screen so the breeze blows in. On colder days it has a plastic cover to keep body heat in.

Izzie, Maddie and Momma out biking. Notice... helmet for safety, got to set that example!

Yay for cooler weather! I dusted off my bike and pumped up the tires loaded the girls in the trailer and hit the streets. For about 15 whole minutes before I forgot that even though it was cool this morning at 3:30pm it is no longer cool and I haven't been on a bike in several months. Oh well, we had fun and I now know that the girls still fit in the trailer that I bought last year and that the bike is still working after being mistreated in my overstuffed garage for several months.

By the way... moms of twins or two small children, the bike trailer is THE way to go! That way you can go by yourself during the day and you don't have to have a second adult with a second child seat on a separate bike. (Did that make sense?) I'm sure the child bike seats may be a bit more fun for the kids, but at least they get to get out more this way. I bought this trailer for $100 and the bike seats were $50 each so, it worked out budget wise! Although, if you are a serious biker I would spend more than the $100 because this particular seat isn't super comfortable for the girls. It sort of slopes in the middle. Happy biking everyone!

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