Saturday, September 26, 2009

Maddie's Rock Collection

A few pictures from yesterday....

Maddie wearing her cape and looking in her Rock Box. Both of the girls, but Maddie especially love "collecting" rocks wherever we go. I have several rolling around my car. I made a rule that they can't come in the house. Well we were having meltdowns at the front door when I told Maddie she had to put down her rocks. Mom came up with the Rock Box idea. She now has a special place to put her rocks and she loves it. (Izzie contributes to the box too.) Sometimes in the evening we go sit on the front porch and she can get her Rock Box out and play with them. Does your kid have a favorite "collection" instead of getting annoyed by it, perhaps highlighting it this way can save some grief and cultivate their creativity all in one!

Izzie and Maddie in their capes going for a walk in the neighborhood.

Izzie is flying... whoosh!

Of course the wagon is still a big favorite for longer walks.

I bought the girls feather boa's yesterday at Hobby Lobby. Izzie liked hers for about 2.3 seconds, then when she saw Maddie hated hers, she didn't like it either. I think they are too tickly.

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