Friday, September 4, 2009

Early Birthday Present

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But on to today...
John is working from home today, which then kick starts his vacation. He's got next week off. We don't have too many plans set in stone. We are thinking a trip to the zoo might be in order or a visit to the lake before the summer ends. We'll see how it goes. The girls are in a really good mood but super hyper today. They must have slept really good last night, because this morning they are running around and giggling like mad.

We are going to go to Walmart in a bit here. My Mema called the other day and she and Pepaw want me to buy the Little Tykes Coupe cars for the girls for an early birthday present. Their thinking is that they want them to be able to play with them while the weather is nice. Giving them an outside toy at the end of December is just not any fun! And anyway, since the girls' birthday and Christmas are only 5 days apart it's nice to spread the presents around a bit! So hopefully they have them in stock this morning.

A few pictures from yesterday:

Maddie and Izzie watching Elmo on TV.

Maddie being creative. She got bored with the shape puzzle so decided to try the pieces out on another puzzle! If you remember correctly she had another creative solution for this puzzle about a month ago.

She likes to put her pieces up in the zippy bag after she is finished.

But sometimes gets frustrated when the pieces don't go in right!

Izzie showing me an imaginary "yucky."

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