Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another Rainy Day in Dallas

Maddie and Izzie are going to be dentists we think. They are the only kids I know that beg to have their teeth brushed and if you forget, they will remind you! Here they are checking out Daddy's teeth while he was laying on the floor.

Anytime Maddie cries lately, Izzie runs over to her and says, "baby!" and gives her a big hug. It's so cute.

Maddie sitting on Daddy's lap watching and listening to a video of themselves on the computer.

Izzie's turn to listen.

Or Wylie, or where ever you are in the metroplex. I love rainy days. But this stream of rain is even testing my love of it the weather. I've lost count of when the rain started 7 or 8 days ago? Of course it hasn't been solid rain, but even when it isn't raining it's still cloudy. This morning I called my Mom to come over for a visit to break up the rainy day syndrome that is settling in around here. We had a good visit but other than that, nothing too exciting to report today!

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