Sunday, September 20, 2009

21 Months

Maddie and Izzie one year ago!

Maddie chilling in her toy box.

Maddie and Izzie made a mess of the toy room.

Izzie reading in a box, this time.

Sissy had to join and so she got her own box. Maddie, Izzie.

Yes, another month has gone by and yes, I'm still counting in months. It's a compulsion I can't seem to stop. John says he is cutting me off at 24 months and I have to then call them 2. I have three more months to get myself ready for the number 2. Three months doesn't seem like that long and then I'll have two 2 year olds. This last month has been a thrilling one though. The girls are learning at an exponential rate. I read somewhere that between the age 18 months and 24 months a child will start to learn 20 new words a day! In elementary school I think vocab tests were 15 new words a week? So our little munchkins are smarter than a 5th grader. I didn't believe it when I read it, but I do now. I think the girls soak in knowledge and dream about it, because every morning they are saying new things. (When you get back from vacation, Grandma and Grandpa, you aren't going to believe the difference in the girls this past couple of weeks!) They are starting to put words together like, "more, please" and "up - couch" or "baby-milk" is a favorite. Or they will sign with a word, Izzie love to sign please while saying, "pictures." She loves looking through all the photos I have on my computer. She pretty much can name all of the family members now. Maddie likes to say "lap!" or "up-lap" wanting to sit in your lap all day. They both love pouring over books asking "what is this?" Which comes out more like, "Whastis?" They want you to verify words they already know. Since introducing colors things have gotten complicated. Sometimes a ball is a ball, but sometimes it is a BLUE! As for learning colors, they can say and repeat all the colors but they haven't quite gotten it down. We think they have it figured out but then they will get them all wrong. The lightbulb will click soon though. Physically, they are getting to be masters at the spoon. They can now eat yogurt and oatmeal with not too much mess. They can climb their outdoor slide all by themselves now. I can't wait to see what the next few months before 2 has in store!

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Grandma said...

At this rate, they will have their diplomas before we get home! We miss you all.