Tuesday, September 29, 2009

10 years ago...

John and I met for the first time and went on our first date! He was a Senior at Texas A&M and I was a Sophomore. We met on a chat board and found out that we were both Aggies. We decided to get together for a date. I had him meet me at the Engineering building after one of my classes. I had two friends in that class and it was a busy place to meet. He was wearing jeans, loafers, a sports jersey and a baseball cap. Who knows what I was wearing. We went to Chili's for dinner and then back on campus for a movie at the student center. They were playing Superstar! We drove my car to Chili's because his car was parked ALL the way across campus and A&M is a HUGE campus. So, I didn't find out he drove a minivan until a few dates in...

We had a good evening and I even let him kiss me on the first date. I knew he was going to kiss me because as he was walking me home he turned his baseball cap around so the bill wouldn't hit me. See... consideration! After that first date, we saw each other every single day until Thanksgiving, even if it was only for a few minutes as he would walk me to class. Sometimes I'd stop by his dorm room for a few minutes between two of my classes. Thanksgiving he had to go back to Dallas and we were apart that weekend. Somehow we managed to survive! He was my very first boyfriend. After John graduated in May of 2000, we had a long distance relationship until I graduated in December of 2002.

We drove back and forth between College Station and Dallas a bunch. My Mema and Pepaw thought that John was a keeper and so they even bought me a new car when my car broke down and I couldn't drive it anymore. They wanted me to be able to still visit him, not to mention get to class since I was living off campus by that point! We've been married since March 3, 2003 a little over 6 years, but today, is our 10 year anniversary of when we met. Of course I don't keep track every year, but it's amazing to think back on all the fun we've had in the 10 years we've known each other.

I love you sweetie!

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