Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Some days are wonderful

Izzie going down for a nap.

Maddie about to take her nap.

Izzie helping out with some light cleaning! :)

Maddie playing at the little kitchen Nanna bought her months and months ago.

This has been a really good day so far. The girls slept in until 8:20, which hasn't happened in months and months. It was nice having a quiet morning, because of course I didn't sleep in, I was up a little after 6am. They really need to give me a memo on the days we are planning on sleeping in. They ignore my memos to that effect!

Anyway, breakfast was a breeze. I gave them cottage cheese mixed with diced pears and drizzle of honey, with cheerios on the side. It is one of their favorites and since they are becoming "masters" at the spoon, cleanup wasn't as bad as usual. After breakfast they dutifully put their plates and bowls in the sink and their milks in the fridge.

Since we were planning on going to the library an hour after or so after breakfast I wanted to fix their hair. After putting in their "bows" (what they call ponytails) Maddie asked for her first Manicure. Yeah, Daddy... read that! She actually said, "Hand, Hand!" and it took me a minute to decipher that she wanted her nails clipped. I'm amazed I figured it out because she's never asked for that before! Then I asked the girls if they wanted me to read them a book and they said no and went to play in their toy room by themselves. They played until it was time to go to the library.

On the way to the library (which Izzie calls "computer" since she gets to play on the computer at the library) I told her that she couldn't play on the computer until AFTER story time. We only arrive a few minutes early and I didn't want to try and wrench her away from the computer to go to story time. Both girls walked in like they owned the place, went straight for the bucket of board books and started reading. Izzie looked longingly at the computer but she didn't touch it. My fellow twin Moms Ashley and Stephanie were there which was fun. We visited for a minute or two and then it was time for story time.

The girls have now gotten comfortable and so they weren't clinging to me sitting quietly in my lap this go around. They were all over the room. Ms. Dea even had to tell Izzie to sit down. She did sit down and then she got up and put herself in time out! (Of course, Maddie followed her.) After the art project which was another paper and glue craft, I told the girls it was time to go pick out books to take home. Izzie looks up at me and says, "computer??!" and practically ran for the door. I told her to wait for Momma and Sissy. She asked for my hand and practically dragged us out of the room. A quick bye to Ms. Dea and Phoebe the Frog and we were in the main library. Izzie RAN to the computer and sat there playing with the keyboard and mouse for the remainder of our stay. (Maddie was right there with her!)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First bike ride of the season

Izzie and Maddie in their trailer. It's got a mesh screen so the breeze blows in. On colder days it has a plastic cover to keep body heat in.

Izzie, Maddie and Momma out biking. Notice... helmet for safety, got to set that example!

Yay for cooler weather! I dusted off my bike and pumped up the tires loaded the girls in the trailer and hit the streets. For about 15 whole minutes before I forgot that even though it was cool this morning at 3:30pm it is no longer cool and I haven't been on a bike in several months. Oh well, we had fun and I now know that the girls still fit in the trailer that I bought last year and that the bike is still working after being mistreated in my overstuffed garage for several months.

By the way... moms of twins or two small children, the bike trailer is THE way to go! That way you can go by yourself during the day and you don't have to have a second adult with a second child seat on a separate bike. (Did that make sense?) I'm sure the child bike seats may be a bit more fun for the kids, but at least they get to get out more this way. I bought this trailer for $100 and the bike seats were $50 each so, it worked out budget wise! Although, if you are a serious biker I would spend more than the $100 because this particular seat isn't super comfortable for the girls. It sort of slopes in the middle. Happy biking everyone!

10 years ago...

John and I met for the first time and went on our first date! He was a Senior at Texas A&M and I was a Sophomore. We met on a chat board and found out that we were both Aggies. We decided to get together for a date. I had him meet me at the Engineering building after one of my classes. I had two friends in that class and it was a busy place to meet. He was wearing jeans, loafers, a sports jersey and a baseball cap. Who knows what I was wearing. We went to Chili's for dinner and then back on campus for a movie at the student center. They were playing Superstar! We drove my car to Chili's because his car was parked ALL the way across campus and A&M is a HUGE campus. So, I didn't find out he drove a minivan until a few dates in...

We had a good evening and I even let him kiss me on the first date. I knew he was going to kiss me because as he was walking me home he turned his baseball cap around so the bill wouldn't hit me. See... consideration! After that first date, we saw each other every single day until Thanksgiving, even if it was only for a few minutes as he would walk me to class. Sometimes I'd stop by his dorm room for a few minutes between two of my classes. Thanksgiving he had to go back to Dallas and we were apart that weekend. Somehow we managed to survive! He was my very first boyfriend. After John graduated in May of 2000, we had a long distance relationship until I graduated in December of 2002.

We drove back and forth between College Station and Dallas a bunch. My Mema and Pepaw thought that John was a keeper and so they even bought me a new car when my car broke down and I couldn't drive it anymore. They wanted me to be able to still visit him, not to mention get to class since I was living off campus by that point! We've been married since March 3, 2003 a little over 6 years, but today, is our 10 year anniversary of when we met. Of course I don't keep track every year, but it's amazing to think back on all the fun we've had in the 10 years we've known each other.

I love you sweetie!

Monday, September 28, 2009

I love having girls

Maddie and Izzie eating their picnic.

The best shot of their outfit.... most of my park photos didn't come out. This is Maddie.

I know, I know! Some of you Moms who have a boy or all boys are not going to like me. But I LOVE having girls. I'm not sure I'd know what to do with a boy. Sometimes I look at other mom's little boys like they are aliens. They really are that different. They talk about different things like transformers and star wars and other boy things. (Now, I'm not saying girls can't talk about these things, but most little girls I know talk about babies, and ponies and princesses.) My Mom is cringing right now because she believes in gender neutral. I believe in gender equality, but I honestly believe that the stereotypes hold... girls and boys like different things, generally... not exclusively!

I remember when I got pregnant I was so scared I was going to have a boy. Then the doctor told us we were having twins and that they would be identical, but he couldn't tell the sex yet. I knew I was either getting two girls or two boys. I had to go about 9 weeks before I found out that they were girls. During that time I psyched myself up for having boys. I tried to get super excited about boy stuff and came up with some great boy names. For those that are curious our boy names were Andrew Nicholas and Cameron James. We were going to call them Andy and CJ. I finally got excited enough that when we found out we were having girls, there was a short moment that I was sad I wasn't going to have my big ole' momma's boys.

But back to my girls. One of the perks of girls is the clothing. It is just so much fun to buy girly clothes. Everytime the girls are in a new size, I get sad to put up their old clothes but super excited as it gives me an excuse to go buy new clothes for them. Yesterday I went to Kohls to start buying some clothes for fall. They are out of their 18 mo (thank goodness they lasted the summer!!) and now are into 2T, although some of the 2T's even seem too small. Anyway, I bought them super adorable dresses, a pair of khaki pants with a kitty cat t-shirt and 2 hoodies for the days it's a bit cool outside. Good thing John gave me a budget because I filled my cart and emptied it about 10 times trying to decide what outfits to get to start off their fall wardrobe. I've already been to Kid-to-Kid (used clothing store) for a couple pairs of jeans and some pajamas with footsies in them.

This morning we went to the park and the girls got to wear their new dresses. They are still at the age that they really don't care what they are wearing (yay for me!) and they looked SO adorable in these dresses. I just love pink and brown together. I forgot to buy shoes, so they still had on their white summer sandals, I need to add shoes to the list pronto! I'm trying to decide between brown and black for the winter, but I think they will have to have one pair of each. They had a great time at the park and so did I. The weather was absolutely perfect. It was sunny, but windy and cool. I ran into some Mommy friends so I got to visit while they were running around playing. At one point Izzie lost sight of Maddie and she started saying and signing "sister." When she found her she ran across the entire park and gave her a big hug and kiss, it was one of those "awwwwwwe!" moments!

After playing for an hour we had a picnic. Well, actually we went on a hunt for a "potty" for me. As an adult I am tired of hearing myself call it a potty but once you start it's hard to switch back to restroom or ladies room. I'm so glad Maddie and Izzie are good at walking and holding my hand because we went to three stores before we found a restroom that was unlocked! (Note to the mall people... put a restroom near the play area for crying out loud!!!!) Anyway, we then went to have our picnic, I have a nifty blanket that zips up into a bag and we were going to eat on the grass, but with all the rain it was still mushy. We ate on the patio area near the big fountain. The girls really liked it and enjoyed watching the water fountain. Although Izzie was not fond of the water spraying her when the breeze blew up. All in all it was an awesome morning!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Finger Painting is fun!

Question: Just because it is messy and only holds their interest for 10 minutes, should it be done? Answer: Yes.

As far as I see it, the messy has to be done, even if it only lasts for 10 minutes. The more art the better. Each time is a learning experience. Each time they may add a minute or two of attention span. Each time you get out that messy project they learn a little bit more.

We painted last week and I remember commenting on trying to talk to them about colors and that they really didn't get it yet. Today while painting they were asking for specific colors. They started talking about their paint brush, how messy their hands were, what color their hands were, etc. They even said their work was Pretty. So, yes it is worth it!

Now, I need to get brave enough to do a Rice Box, since I know they will love it! Next time I hit Sams (our wholesale store) I'll buy a bulk container of rice.

QOTW: Favorite Fall Activity

It's time for another Question of the week from Multiples and More Blog. This week's question is: What is your favorite Fall activity.

Living in Texas I seem to always long for the weather to be either warmer or colder. Our spring and our fall is just not long enough to suit me. By the time you realize fall is here, you better get outside and enjoy it because the weather will get cold (for us Texans) before you can blink.

One thing I try to do every fall is go to the zoo. I love zoos and when I'm traveling on vacation if the city I'm staying at has a zoo, I try to fit it into our vacation. We are planning a zoo trip with the girls soon. I love going to the zoo in the fall because the animals seem to be more frisky after a long hot summer. Last year we went to the zoo with the girls for the first time, they were really too young to get what was going on, but they still had a fun outing. This year they are saying and signing almost every zoo animal. Izzie's favorite is "ROAR!" (lion) and she'll do the sign while saying it. For awhile Maddie's favorite was crocodile, but I think Izzie has convinced her that Roars are much better.

They also love Hippos, Rhinos, Giraffe, Elephant and many others. I can't wait to show them these animals in person. I know they are just going to flip with excitement!

Nov. 14, 2008: Izzie, Maddie and Daddy at the Dallas Zoo.

Nov. 14, 2008: Momma and Maddie

Nov. 18, 2008: Momma and Izzie

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Nanna!

What a fun filled busy Saturday! The morning started off as a bit of relief because the girls actually woke up in a good mood. The past few days could be described as "challenging" with both of the girls. They've always gone through fluctuations like this. Where they will be so good for days or weeks on end and then they will go a couple of weeks as little devils. Okay, not that bad, but still! It's just them being toddlers. They are testing their boundries. Trying to see if it is STILL not okay to jump on the couch or pull off all the books off the bookcase or whatever the no-no of the moment is. I just have to reassure them over and over (with time-outs and 'no-touches' that these things were not okay yesterday and they still aren't okay today to do! Perhaps this morning was a turning point because Izzie and Maddie both were giggling and playing very well.

I decided to do a spontaneous simple art project. I have a huge spool of blue yarn (I'm working on making two blue wigs for Halloween costumes) so I drew a big letter B for Blue on some cardstock. I armed the girls with glue sticks and tried to get them to glue bits of blue yarn on their B's. They were very fascinated with the glue sticks. In the future I'll use the nifty colored glue sticks. The ones that go down pink or blue and then dry clear. They had a hard time understanding that the glue was going on the paper. Either way, they did have fun talking about their big B's!

Maddie and Izzie gluing blue yarn on their B's.

The B's.


Then later in the morning we took the girls to the park to play for a bit. They are really into swinging, but Daddy convinced them to go down the slide a time or two.

Daddy and Izzie

Daddy and Maddie

After naptime we went over to my Mom's house to celebrate her birthday. Chris grilled steak and corn on the cob. We ate outside on the deck and had a blanket for the girls to eat on. They ate for a bit and then they started running around in the grass. They were having the absolute time of their lives. A bit of that 'testing the boundaries' showed back up in the girls. Mom's big yard doesn't have a fence and we were having trouble keeping them close by. Chris had just mowed the lawn and there was a bunch of "hay" all around in the yard. They thought it was hilarious to throw it up in the air and watch it fall back down. They did this for a long time. Then they both ran off toward the "forest" at the back of Mom's property and would not come to me when called. So, playtime was over and we had to go inside.

Video: of them playing in the grass.

Maddie and Izzie tossing grass in this empty flowerbed.

The girls were covered in dry, itchy grass and so we decided to give them a bath in Nanna's big tub. This was just as fun as playing in the grass to them. This tub is awesome, it's as deep as they are tall (while sitting.)

Izzie and Maddie taking a bath in my Mom's tub.

Happy Birthday Nanna! What a fun way to end the evening! :)

Right before we left, Maddie fell off the piano bench backwards onto her head. She took a while to calm down and has a slight bump, but we are keeping a watch on her and she seems fine.

Maddie's Rock Collection

A few pictures from yesterday....

Maddie wearing her cape and looking in her Rock Box. Both of the girls, but Maddie especially love "collecting" rocks wherever we go. I have several rolling around my car. I made a rule that they can't come in the house. Well we were having meltdowns at the front door when I told Maddie she had to put down her rocks. Mom came up with the Rock Box idea. She now has a special place to put her rocks and she loves it. (Izzie contributes to the box too.) Sometimes in the evening we go sit on the front porch and she can get her Rock Box out and play with them. Does your kid have a favorite "collection" instead of getting annoyed by it, perhaps highlighting it this way can save some grief and cultivate their creativity all in one!

Izzie and Maddie in their capes going for a walk in the neighborhood.

Izzie is flying... whoosh!

Of course the wagon is still a big favorite for longer walks.

I bought the girls feather boa's yesterday at Hobby Lobby. Izzie liked hers for about 2.3 seconds, then when she saw Maddie hated hers, she didn't like it either. I think they are too tickly.


Before I forget. I wanted to make a quick note. John and I just realized that Maddie calls her special night time lovey bunny Mmm-mmm. We wonder if she started calling him that before she could say words and we never noticed before? She also holds him a very special way, by tucking his ears a certain way and then she'll give him a kiss on the nose. It's just one of those cute things that I hope never to forget. "Night night Mmm-Mmm," she'll say.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Super fun playdate

Lila and Zella came over for a playdate today. It was so much fun, we actually did a bunch of activities with the girls. We played Ring Around the Rosies, we colored, we did shaving cream on the table, we had a lunch of PB& J, fishies and bananas and we did puzzles on the floor. It's amazing how much we packed into about an hour and half playdate!

Lila, Izzie, Zella and Maddie playing with shaving cream. It's just Barbasol brand (the cheap foamy white stuff) you put it on the table and they get to squish their hands in it. I also like to draw shapes and letters in the foam and have them tell me what it is. Super easy clean up and a sparkly table when you are finished. The more you rub it in, the more it disappears cleaning your table as you go!

Puzzle time after lunch. Maddie, Me, Zella, Izzie and Lila.

Coloring time!

The girls worked up an appetite! Zella, Lila, Maddie and Izzie.

Why do fire detectors beep in the night?

Yesterday was a very busy day for me. It didn't start out that wonderfully because we had 2 fire detectors start chirping in the middle of the night and we had no 9 volt batteries in the house. It obviously could have been worse because the annoying chirps didn't bother the girls. So for that I was very thankful. As for me, by 9 am I was twitching every time there was a chirp. By this time I had a tremendous headache and I was a bundle of nerves. I needed to go to the grocery store anyway yesterday morning and now I needed to add batteries to my list. I called my mom in a bit of desperation asking her if she could watch the girls so I could go to Target alone. This gave me the opportunity to sort of "zone" and wake up slowly while getting the groceries and batteries that I needed.

The girls usually do really great in the store, but they are toddlers and you have to keep up a dialogue to keep them entertained when they are confined to the cart. We walk through the store pointing out colors and shapes and even letters that are on products. I wasn't up for conversation yesterday at all. So I dropped the girls off an Nanna's house and went to Target. After shopping I went back home, unloaded and put up all the groceries and installed batteries in the two beeping alarms. Then I went and picked up the girls. By this time I was much more refreshed and I had a pleasant afternoon with them. Here are a few pictures mom took with her camera while they were playing with her and Popo.

Izzie and Maddie cooking and feeding Popo.

Practicing Piano! (Maddie & Izzie)

They love playing on Nannna's piano. (Izzie and Maddie)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The MomsBlog at Dallas Morning News

I have been asked to write for the Dallas Morning News MomsBlog one Thursday every month. I'm super excited about this opportunity! The MomsBlog was started and maintained by Nancy Churnin and she has several contributing bloggers that keep the site fresh with ideas on parenting from all types of mothers. Thursday she takes the time to highlight Mothers of Multiples. My friends Jessica and Candace both mothers of triplets will be also writing in the Thursday slot. Here is my article for today.

I want to welcome any new readers to my blog that linked to me from the Dallas Morning News! I'm excited to share my experiences of being a mom of twins. Here on my own blog, I keep it like a personal journal. It's a window into life raising identical twin girls. For my regular followers, make sure you check out the Moms Blog at the Dallas Morning News. I welcome comments and stories of your own from everyone. The most exciting part of blogging for me is the online community that I have made. Being a SAHM (Stay at home mom) is nothing like it used to be. I love having a resource of a million mothers a few clicks away for any parenting dilemma that I get myself into!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Story time at Smith Library

Maddie at the Library working on a puzzle.




Our third story time in a row. I like the consistency of having something to do each Wed. morning. I think it gives the girls the appropriate amount of structure for their age. I plan on putting them in a toddler music class in the next "semester" and this is perfect practice for that. I almost want to take the girls to the older story time. This one the kids are a bit rambunctious and I think Maddie and Izzie would be able to focus a bit more if more of the kids were still. I do like the 10 am time slot though! I was excited that Ashley brought Lila and Zella this morning. Another lady had twin girls too, so there were 3 sets of twins in story time this morning! We got there early to secure a parking spot so we went in the kid section before heading into story time. Maddie made herself right at home by picking up a puzzle, laying on the floor and going to town. Izzie went to the bucket of board books, but only because the computer had kids at it already. As much as she loves reading, I think her love of books is eclipsed by the excitement of the computer. I taught her the words, "Computer, Mouse and Keyboard" this morning. When we left the library she kept going on about her "mouse." That was another facinating thing today. In the car on the way home, we practically had a conversation. They were talking about the leaves (in the story that Ms. Dee read) the apple (the craft that they did today) the mouse (on the computer) and other things that happened such as seeing Lila and Zella (or Lila and Lella). It was amazing to hear them recount their morning in words and syllables. We aren't exactly to sentences yet, but they got their point across. They are growing so fast!


Maddie and Izzie watching Pooh for the first time.

Here I am trying to get us out the door to go to the library this morning. The girls were getting into everything and so I turned on video on demand for a few minutes so I could get dressed. Well, they love Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger and Eeyore. We've had the stuffed dolls, posters, and books. But they've never seen them on tv. Today I noticed that there was a show on VOD. I turned it on and the girls literally stopped in their tracks and stared at the TV for a solid 5 minutes in wonder before they snapped out of it and excitedly started yelling and pointing POOH! TIGGER! over and over. I think I just made their day. Okay, and here I am blogging about it instead of getting dressed (it was THAT cute) I better hurry or we are going to be late!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A pay it forward kind of Thank You.

This thank you will probably never reach the woman who it is intended for, since I sincerely doubt she is one of my 40 followers (Yay! I'm up to 40 now!) Anyway, so this thank you is for her, but also to all the other people who have taken a moment out of their busy day to help someone who needs an extra minute of help.

I decided in a split second (that's they way I roll) to take the girls to Walmart this morning. Did I look to check the weather before I told the girls we were going "Shopping!" no... I did not. So, I gather them up and we try to stay dry while getting in the car. It was only sprinkling, and us tough girls, we won't melt! We get to Walmart and got a decent parking spot (it was raining after-all, the sane moms were in their houses.) And we rush up to the door to get out of the rain as quickly as possible. On the side of the building (in the rain) is an entire row of the special carts for kids. The big hunkin' huge busses moms with little children get to try and maneuver around the store. I walk in thinking and hoping there is a dry one of these carts inside.

"Hello and Welcome to Walmart" says the greeter. I say a quick hello back and tell him I need one of the kid carts. I'm holding a sort-of-wet girl on each side of me at this point. He says, "I'm sorry, I can't help you." I tell him that the carts are around the corner and can he please get one for me. He informed me he couldn't leave his post. I literally told him that was absolutely ridiculous. I was supposed to take my girls back outside in the rain to the cart and load them in the cart outside IN THE RAIN? Cause I can't push a cart and hold on to two girls at the same time. What, if he left his post, was he going to miss saying, "Hello and welcome to Walmart" to someone??

At this point I was just about to walk my (slightly wet) girls over to the manager when the reason of my Thank You came through the door. She took one look at me and asked if she could help. I should have said no, thank you for the offer and went and got the manager so that the next hapless person who brings twins to Walmart in the rain wouldn't run into the same problem as I did, but 2 things stopped me. 1. What other hapless woman would be silly enough to bring twins to Walmart in the rain? and 2. I seriously doubt complaining to the manager at Walmart would have fixed MY problem, much less the next persons problem.

So I turned to this amazing woman and said, "Yes, I would appreciate help VERY much." She went (in the rain) and got me a cart, then she went and got paper towels and helped me dry the cart off. I could have kissed her. She said that her two oldest children who are now grown were 15 months apart and she understood. So thank you, understanding woman, whose name I did not get. Thank you for taking 2 minutes out of your busy day to help me when the guy who is getting paid to say Hello! had no solution.

And thank you to everyone who takes a moment to help, especially when the cost is so minimal, the payment is so huge!

What comes after high-heels?

Izzie with her dress-up shoes... and apparently she needs a quad stroller, she's managed to stuff 2 teddies and 2 Elmos in her stroller. I think that exceeds the safety limits of the device?

Maddie with her dress up shoes.

Yesterday I stopped by Kid-to-Kid a used kids toy and clothing shop. Right in the entrance was a pile of dress up shoes for a buck each. I thought, why not? They love dress up. They do have a little heel on them, so that worried me a bit, but they love clonking around in my shoes, so I figured if they could manage those, then they could probably manage these.

Well they love them. Maddie especially, but dress-up seems to be her forte lately. The only problem is that they are slick on our linoleum, so I've got to figure out a way to scuff up the plastic. (You would think a child's dress up shoe wouldn't be slick!?!) Anyway, the girls are clonking around the house in their pretty shoes this morning.

Monday, September 21, 2009

On getting out of the house

Izzie and Maddie at the movie playdate.

Maddie and Izzie playing in the toy room (Maddie just finished a vitamin, that is why her tongue is so bright red!)

More play, Izzie is calling her friend (a new word around here!) and Maddie is hugging two of her bunnies.

We've now entered that fun stage of toddlerhood where you don't know how long you need to get out of the house in the morning to get somewhere. If things go smoothly it can take as few as 10 minutes to grab sippy cups, diaper bags, toss on shoes and get in the car seat. Or like today, it can take double that.

I suppose if I had ignored all the mess they made this morning it could have taken the 10 minutes. But they literally were a tornado this morning and I wasn't about to leave the house with all the piles of toys around. It was like pulling teeth with Izzie to clean up. She likes cleaning up when she's in the mood. Maddie it seems most of the time likes to clean and organize. At one point I told Izzie to turn around and go clean up her books. She walked BACKWARDS toward the books to avoid the "turn around" part of my direction! I think the main thing was they were just being so SLOW this morning. They weren't being bad, they were cleaning up their toys just in slow motion.

Somehow we managed to get out the door. We were headed out to Sharon's house to a "movie" playdate with popcorn for the older kids and cheerios for the younger ones. The movie lasted maybe half an hour before all the kids lost interest and were playing outside or with the toys in the livingroom. Which was fine, the movie was just an excuse to get together. I got to visit a bit with Amy and see her cute little boy Aidan, the one I made the cape for a couple of weeks ago. (Which I still need to get to him!) I also got to see several of the other Wylie Moms that I haven't seen in a while. It was a good morning.

And you just have to love peer pressure when it works for you! We've been trying to get the girls to stop jumping on the couch, an ongoing process I assure you. Anyway, Maddie was sitting next to Hannah (who is a bit older than her) and she kept doing this little jump on the couch. Hannah turns to her and says, "Be still! I am trying to watch the movie!" It was absolutely priceless! Maddie got really still (for about 2 minutes anyway...)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

21 Months

Maddie and Izzie one year ago!

Maddie chilling in her toy box.

Maddie and Izzie made a mess of the toy room.

Izzie reading in a box, this time.

Sissy had to join and so she got her own box. Maddie, Izzie.

Yes, another month has gone by and yes, I'm still counting in months. It's a compulsion I can't seem to stop. John says he is cutting me off at 24 months and I have to then call them 2. I have three more months to get myself ready for the number 2. Three months doesn't seem like that long and then I'll have two 2 year olds. This last month has been a thrilling one though. The girls are learning at an exponential rate. I read somewhere that between the age 18 months and 24 months a child will start to learn 20 new words a day! In elementary school I think vocab tests were 15 new words a week? So our little munchkins are smarter than a 5th grader. I didn't believe it when I read it, but I do now. I think the girls soak in knowledge and dream about it, because every morning they are saying new things. (When you get back from vacation, Grandma and Grandpa, you aren't going to believe the difference in the girls this past couple of weeks!) They are starting to put words together like, "more, please" and "up - couch" or "baby-milk" is a favorite. Or they will sign with a word, Izzie love to sign please while saying, "pictures." She loves looking through all the photos I have on my computer. She pretty much can name all of the family members now. Maddie likes to say "lap!" or "up-lap" wanting to sit in your lap all day. They both love pouring over books asking "what is this?" Which comes out more like, "Whastis?" They want you to verify words they already know. Since introducing colors things have gotten complicated. Sometimes a ball is a ball, but sometimes it is a BLUE! As for learning colors, they can say and repeat all the colors but they haven't quite gotten it down. We think they have it figured out but then they will get them all wrong. The lightbulb will click soon though. Physically, they are getting to be masters at the spoon. They can now eat yogurt and oatmeal with not too much mess. They can climb their outdoor slide all by themselves now. I can't wait to see what the next few months before 2 has in store!