Friday, August 28, 2009

When the weather is nice

My head is feeling a lot better today. Even still, if I turn it sharply to look at something I get a searing pain between my eyes. But still, it's a lot better than yesterday. This morning, with the weather bordering on pleasant, I decided to take the girls to Pirate's Cove. It was still pretty humid, but it wasn't 100+ degrees out. We havent' been to this park in a while and it was nice. We went a little after 9 am and we were the only kids there for most of the time. Izzie still likes the swing, although she did want to do the other things too. Maddie did not like the swing this time around.

The thing I don't like about Pirates Cove is that the parking lot is made up of 1000's of small white rocks. Maddie loves rocks. Getting her to leave the park was no big deal. I told them it was time to go to the car and off we went. Trying to get her across the parking lot, a whole different story. She grabbed some rocks, but wasn't through. She wanted to sort the rocks. Or perhaps just spend an hour playing with them. It was a bit of a struggle getting in the car, but I started playing Itsy Bitsy Spider over the radio and we were good. We headed to target for a $100 worth of essential items. Sometimes I think Target has a $100 minimum for entering the store. But that's another story.

After lunch we took Bunny and Teddy for a walk down the street. I'm so excited the weather is starting to cool off and we can go outside in the middle of the day without frying like an egg. (My Mema and I once cooked an egg on the concrete... it gets that hot in Texas.) Now the girls are down for nap, but since one is still talking, I hope naptime actually happens today.

Maddie and Izzie playing with the bark that is on the ground.


Izzie loves the swing.

Walking our babies. Izzie with Teddy and Maddie with Bunny.




Anonymous said...

Maddie and Izzie are so adorable! I cannot wait to get to meet them in person.

Rebecca from Wisconsin(Johns cousin)

Amanda said...

Thank you Rebecca. I'm sure they will be excited to meet you too!