Saturday, August 29, 2009


We've spent most of the day relaxing around the house. I've been flittering between working on my blog book for 2009 and making the girls a new dress out of an old table cloth. It's actually coming out pretty cute. Izzie is trying it on for me right now, even though it still needs a few seams. Today, we've progressed from putting together puzzles to wanting to put the puzzle pieces in and out of the ziplock back that I store the pieces in. They are having a (sort of) good time pulling the pieces out and putting them back in. I say sort of, because they keep getting very frustrated when they can't hold the bag open and put a piece in at the same time.

We've also spent a bit of time playing dress up. Here is Maddie wearing her tutu from last Halloween! I'm so glad that it's gotten so much use. She's kissing a green tiger that she got from Mr. & Mrs. Smith, family friends of John's parents. Thanks for the stuffies!

Izzie is telling me where the tummy is of the ducky that Mr. and Mrs. Smith gave her. Oh, and the mouth, and the toes and the tail....

Izzie pointing out all the circles in one of her books.

Maddie in her tutu.

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