Thursday, August 6, 2009

Urban Crust in East Plano

Tina, Stephanie, Candace and Amanda

I love social networking sites. I cannot imagine being a Stay-at-Home-Mom before the internet. John and I were talking about that the other day. Mom's groups were around but you had to go to the library to look at a REAL bulletin board to see updates. That and phones. You had phone chains and calling people I suppose. I'm not sure, just trying to use my imagination here. Today we all have cell phones and we don't use them to call people. That would be so mundane. We use our phones to text message, or update our Facebook status or post a message on a chat group.

I thought I was cool being on twitter. For some reason I was resisting Facebook. Then I kept hearing all my current friends were on it. I guess I thought it was to keep in touch with old high school friends and while I have a few, okay one (love you Talar!) that I still keep in touch with, for the most part, my high school days I just don't care about anymore. So I joined Facebook and that is one happening site. Yesterday a few PAMOM members were trying to get together to eat at a new restaurant called Urban Crust in downtown East Plano. I was out on Tuesday night so I didn't figure going out two nights in a row would be cool with John. But I happened to mention it to him and he told me to go have fun. (I love you honey!) I got on Facebook and said I'd love to join the group and so I did.

We had a good time just kicking back and visiting. We talked about our kids and husbands. Then we all pulled out our fancy cell phones and were comparing the features. I was teaching Tina how to use her new 3G (the upgraded version of my phone) and Stephanie was teaching Candace how to use her new Blackberry. You know, we need to stay connected.

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