Thursday, August 6, 2009

A ton of pictures today

What a jam packed, fun-filled day today was! The morning started off normal and slow, but quickly picked up speed. Ashley came over with her girls Lila and Zella for an hour of playtime this morning. Funny how quickly an hour with a friend can go! Izzie surprised me by sitting in Ashley's lap and had Ashley read a book to her. I thought it was really sweet. Lila and Zella are also identical and I used to be able to tell them apart but today they were looking so much alike!

After they left the girls and I played puzzles and read lots more books (that's all they want to do lately is puzzles and have me read to them.) Then, right before naptime, Maddie and Izzie both climbed up in the dining room chairs all by themselves. Their cousin Sabrina (who is 3.5 months younger than Maddie and Izzie) has been climbing up to kitchen tables for months now, but the girls have never even tried. They were so proud of themselves! And they sat down like little ladies. Izzie did fall down once while she was trying to get situated but she climbed right back up. I'd been thinking about getting booster seats and retiring the high chairs for awhile, so this just kind of prodded me in that direction. John came home early today and so during naptime I made a Wal-mart run. I bought some booster seats and a few cheap art supplies.

The girls woke up from nap and were excited to see their new big girl chairs. I loved seeing how big they felt. They ate snack and then we did an art project. I talked to them about the letter B (they can point out the letters O, B, P and sometimes I, why these letters I do not know) anyway, I drew them a bird and let them glue feathers and googly eyes on their bird. The project didn't last that long, but they did have fun. Izzie got into it and kept telling me 'more' wanting more glue. Maddie was more into deconstruction and pulled off all the feathers she put on. But then she glued a few more back on. They really liked the eyes and kept pulling them off and putting them back on.

The girls were very excited to sit at their new chairs at dinner tonight and it was really fun having all of us really sit around the table. It's moments like that when it hits me that we really are a family of four. I told them that since they were sitting in their big girl chairs, they needed to act like big girls and not throw their plates on the floor. Surprisingly enough it was one of the first dinners in a while where the plates did stay on the table, so maybe they got what I was saying. I'm not holding my breath though!

After dinner I let them play with their blocks. They had more fun spreading them around the entire office than actually building something tonight. Then they didn't want to pick up. It was about 10 minutes before we were to head upstairs for bath and I told the girls to hurry and pick up their blocks and I'd read them The Tooth Book and Elmo before bedtime. They picked up a handful and then quit. So I told them that if Momma and Daddy picked up their blocks they wouldn't get a story. This upset them and they tried to pick up a few blocks but we would't let them. We cleaned up and whisked them upstairs. I told them I was SO sad that I didn't get to read them a story tonight because they didn't clean up their blocks. We'll see if the lesson stuck or not...

Right after we put them down I got an invite to join a friend at coffee... so tonight was my third night in a row to go out! I had a good time, but I'm not going anywhere tomorrow night! It's John and my Stay-at-Home-Date-Night tomorrow!

Maddie brushing her teeth this morning.


Izzie, Zella (?) and Maddie.

This amazed me... Maddie put the puzzle together, then took it apart. Then she put it together again with all the pieces turned upside down. To me that shows some pretty creative thought! They call this puzzle the 'oval' puzzle.

Izzie's new favorite puzzle. She calls this one the "Roar" puzzle because of the lion.

Maddie climbed in the chair and started reading a book.

Izzie was so proud to sit at the table.

Izzie and Maddie in their new big girl chairs.

Arts-n-Crafts. Izzie and Maddie making birds, or as John called them flying ghosts.

Here I am helping Izzie.

Helping Maddie.

Izzie's finished bird.

Maddie's bird.

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