Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tablecloth Dress Part II

Back of first dress and front of the new second dress.

Fronts of both dresses.

I'm so excited. This was such a simple little dress to "whip up!" I was going to make them matching, but the spot on the tablecloth that matches the first dress had a hole in it that I didn't notice at first. So I went with coordinating instead! The backs match and the fronts are just shifted a bit with different pockets. Thankfully my sewing machine didn't give me trouble during this project. That's usually when I quit a project, my sewing machine is more than a couple years old and it likes to chew up cloth and swallow, where you have to yank it out of the machine and you are left with a lovely shredded project. If you are lucky and tell it what a beautiful machine it is, sometimes it doesn't eat your fabric. I got lucky two days in a row, I better let it rest now...


Jules said...

Those are adorable!

Amanda said...

Thanks! All the way from Turkey, huh? Way cool, I'll have to check out your blog.