Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Super Twins

Lately the girls have been into "capes" or towels over their heads. Izzie especially loves running around the house all day with her towel on. As soon as it falls off she brings it to me and says, "help." Today she wanted to wear it to Target but I convinced her to leave it at home so we could play with it when we got back from 'shopping.' I'm so going to be one of those Moms one day with kids wearing tutus to the grocery store. It's cool, I get it. Creativity and all, but a towel? Only another parent would understand.

Here is Super Izzie tending to teddy.

Super Maddie is riding in her super get away car.

A still moment for Izzie.

Maddie posing for a kiss from Izzie.

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Seren Dippity said...

Yes. And when we babysat the other night they spent most of the evening playing with your pots and pans, spoons and a whisk. Oh, and the empty cabinet that remained once all the pots and pans had been neatly spread across the kitchen floor. Open, close, in and out - peek-a-boo!
How much did we spend on all those toys we bought them for christmas???