Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Play at the Mall

I took the girls to the mall to play again this morning. They had a really good time. I wish that play area was designed a bit differently, with a gate across the entrance. There are several blind spots and it's hard to keep an eye on one kid, much less two! The girls had a really good time climbing on all the foam bridges, houses and cars. I was there with two of my Moms Groups, Wylie Moms and PAMOM. After we played for an hour we ran up to the food court for a bite to eat. I love how much easier it is getting out with the girls. They've always done great out, but now that they can do a bit more and are more independent it is even easier. They got a bit fussy after playtime, I don't think Maddie was quite done and they were hungry. But once they got a bite to eat they were fine.

Other news: Maddie and Izzie were being considered for the Warner Brothers Movie, Life as We Know It, that is coming out next year. I was really excited and was told they were in the top 4 set of twins as favorites for the part. I called today to see what the status was, but the lady I've been in contact with is no longer working there and the guy I talked to said they weren't in the running. Oh well, it was a long shot. Such is life!

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Grandma said...

They are still "stars" to us!