Monday, August 31, 2009

Pirate's Cove and Chiloso's

As the summer turns towards fall, I will probably have a ton of entries about being outside. At least I hope so! I love being outside when the temperature is below 90º. I prefer somewhere between 72º and 80º, but I'll take what I'll get. The high today was 86 so we were out the door shortly after breakfast! While the girls were eating breakfast I was busy at the computer networking away. I posted on the Wylie Mom's Message board and Facebook that I was headed to the park, who wanted to join me? So I coordinated with a few moms to meet at Firewheel park.

I was glad I choose that park because when I told the girls we were going to the park, Izzie said, "Choo-Choo!" She is starting to associate names with parks! I told her yep, we were going to the choo-choo park. Well they were disapointed when we arrived, because it was closed for maintenance. (I wish the maintenance included installing a pavillion.... but at least the bouncy ride looked like it was getting fixed.) So we went to Pirate's Cove instead. And I was on my awesome smart phone, updating my posts, texting and calling to coordinate the move to the second park. (Not while driving, I was safely in park the whole time, well except for the phone calls.)

It ended up being, me and my girls, Alicia with two of her kids, Sarah and Mathew. Plus Heather with Carter and Preston. They all played for a little over an hour and had a good time. Then we all went to Chiloso's for lunch. I love that restaurant especially for going out with lots of kids because it's so easy to rearrange their dinning room and sort of "take over" the place. All the kids did so good! The adults even got to have a conversation which was so pleasant. It was a great morning.

Izzie sporting her sunglasses. Oh yeah, and notice the book in the background, even at the park the girls have to take a moment to read a book...

Maddie. She's holding on to her rocks. She loves rocks.

Some of the kids waiting to GO! while us slow adults gathered up stuff and tried to not leave TOO much of a mess. (Maddie, Izzie, Sarah and Carter)

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