Monday, August 3, 2009

A perfectly awesome day

Maddie pausing from her super hero flying to read a book.


Maddie and Izzie

Maddie playing blocks.

Maddie signing "block"

Today was one of those days that everything just was nice. The girls slept in and woke up in super happy moods, I got to spend the morning in my pajamas. They played by themselves a bunch. Both girls have really been into puzzles lately and they do the same ones over and over. I put towels on their heads and that made them happy for a long time. They were running around being silly with their magic capes on. I actually got some work done on my blog book for this year. I'm running behind. Last year I stayed about a month behind on making the book. Last year at the beginning of August I would be finishing up July's layouts. Today I started February. After they played around for awhile, I started reading books to them. Izzie especially has started asking for books by name. They have a Dr. Suess book that is The Tooth Book which has become their favorite book lately. Then they ask for their Elmo Loves You book. Usually Maddie lets Izzie do all the requests but this morning Maddie put in a request for Jack and the Beanstalk. Izzie didn't like that choice but she finally was okay with it. After I had read them several books I asked them if they wanted to watch Elmo, Sesame Street - Kids' Favorite Songs 2 (which is ALWAYS a yes) but today they said, '"Book!" so I continued to read them a few more books. The morning finished up with us putting away dishes (I had to unload the top rack into the bottom rack so they could continue handing me items one at a time) and then we went upstairs to do some laundry. I had them put the clothes from one basket to the next. It was a great morning.

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