Saturday, August 22, 2009

Peace and Quiet

Izzie and Maddie, John said they were rocking their new stuffed animals.

Maddie, Izzie and Grandpa playing.

Grandma gave Maddie a new Bunny today (which she loves!)

She gave Izzie a new Bear.

Izzie and Maddie playing on the slide at Grandma's house.

Peace and Quiet is a rare treat for me since the day that the girls were born. Not that I mind. I love hearing the girls chatter away to each other and those silly songs that I play for them on the CD player really start to grow on you. I could do with a little less of the crying and the toys that beep and make other annoying noises but overall, the noise equals good times and that I would never trade.

That being said, peace and quiet is a nice thing to have occasionally. This morning John took Maddie and Izzie to go see Grandma and Grandpa for the morning. And while I miss hanging with the family, sometimes a bit of ME time is in order. When they left (Maddie even waved goodbye to me!) I shut the door and looked around the house. I didn't know what I wanted to do or not do. I wanted to do everything and nothing.

I ended up working on the PAMOM newsletter a bit, cleaning out my art room (maybe I can work on some of my big projects if I have the room to do them?) and then I did do a bit of tv watching. But that seemed wasteful. So, I cleaned on the kitchen a bit, made me a homemade lunch of pasta with fresh pesto and did a mini-art project. I made another babydoll diaper.

The time went by so quickly, but my favorite part of the morning? When the girls came back and Maddie and Izzie threw their arms around me, gave me big kisses and said, "Momma!" I love those girls and I love my hubby for being the best father a wife could ask for.

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