Sunday, August 30, 2009

Outdoor Play

Tonight after dinner the girls and I went out to play. They had their shirts off because of a particularly messy dinner. There was a tractor going at the farm next door so I had John come and lift the girls up in the sky so they could see the tractor. Izzie loves tractors and trucks and choo-choos. She's a tom-boy just like me! I had my camera and while the girls were running around having a really great time, I zoomed in here and there and went snap snap snap. I got some fun photos tonight.

Maddie (At least there isn't a plumbers crack...)

Maddie looking at the tractor.

Izzie's turn to watch.

Izzie and Maddie. They can now climb this without help. Yay!

Maddie and Izzie mowing the deck.

Maddie and Izzie laughing at something!

Don't you just love those dirty little toes? You know good fun was had when toes get that dirty. On Izzie's left foot you can see the nail that she injured a few weeks ago. Everytime she notices it she says, "hurt!"

Maddie's dirty little toes.


Izzie and Maddie

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Jules said...

They are adorable. Especially the dirty toes! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Turkey has been for, and one of the foremost reasons for that is the food. I gained at least 5 pounds when I got here. I would sit down to a regular family dinner and have to tr EVERTHING because it was all new to me. I found your site via Blogher.