Monday, August 10, 2009

A morning of this and that

What a fun morning of this and that. I'm really enjoying the booster seats over the highchairs. They do have pluses and minuses. It's easier to get the girls in and out of them, but food seems to be more contained in the high chair. Art projects are easier in the booster seats though. This morning we did a shaving cream art project, which I was going to do at the big table, but at the last minute decided to let them do at their table. It worked out fine. I didn't put their smocks on, but the shaving cream was easy enough to clean up. They really liked the shaving cream. At first Izzie put her hand in and then went, "YUCKY! CLEAN!" But I showed her how to mush it around and draw lines and circles in it. Then the both went to town!

We also did lots and lots of puzzles. I've started collecting them I think. Today I got out two that were a bit advanced for them to do by themselves so we worked on them together. They would get SO frustrated but as soon as the piece went in they were just as excited. At one point Maddie wouldn't let me help her, she was determined to do it herself. Which was really cool to watch. She clapped for herself when she got the piece in.

I bought something called an Aquadoodle Mat. It's got potential, but they were more interested in sucking the water out of the pen than drawing with it. You fill the special "markers" with water and when you draw on the mat, the image magically appears. Great fun for when you need a quick distraction without the mess. I was going to play with them, but I got a phone call from a friend (Robby) who I haven't talked to in awhile so I pulled this out. They drew a bit, but like I said, they sucked on the marker more than anything. We'll have to work on that! (By the way... congrats goes to Robby and Audra!!! They are having baby number two in February!!)

I also tried something I've been working on to encourage the independent play. I play real hard with the girls for awhile then I put their silly songs CD on and tell them to play by themselves while mommy "works." I try for 15 minutes and sometimes 30 minutes. Usually after about 10 they come in the room. I remind them that I'm working and that they need to go play. Then I tell them, in 5 more minutes or 10 (whatever I think I can get away with) I'll read them a story. I actually push it until I get about 4-5 minutes of quiet (sometimes they bug me for a solid 5) and then when the time is up, I say really excitedly, "Yay! Mommy is all done working! It's time to read a book you since you girls played so happy!" This has been a successful endeavor a couple of times now.

We finished the morning by playing in my room with the special toys and petting Jake our cat. I was super surprised he let them pet him today. He laid there like "I'm pretending they aren't touching me, but it really does feel good, purrrr." Like only a cat can master. Other than that, not too much else on this Monday morning. Enjoy... lots of pictures! I was in a camera taking mood. I got some video too that I'll try uploading later.

Izzie and Maddie finishing up their milk after breakfast.

And of course brushing their teeth like big girls.

"All done, Momma!"

"The Itsy Bitsy Spider" is what she is singing here. They are pretty good at doing the motions!

Maddie wanted me to put shoes on bunny.

So of course Teddy had to have shoes on too. Good sharing girls. I guess sharing with your lovey works, right? Oh... and this picture cracks me up. Look at Maddie's ONE toe on the table when I told her to get her "foot" off.

Shaving cream is FUN. Izzie and Maddie.



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